ByOren Mendez, writer at

This year especially, it's been feeling like there are too many Marvel movies. With Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out just two months prior to the new "Ant-Man", it's becoming clear that you can't escape the wonderful Marvel Cinematic Universe machine. Not that's bad, as long as we get to have hit after hit of quality, very stylistically different films.

But in this new "Fangirls" animated sketch, we can see what happens when a few fans decide to try and skip the latest Marvel movie, just to take a break. Quickly enough, they realize that one cannot simply avoid a Marvel movie, without terrible consequences.

Watch the video to see what would happen to the fan who will dare skip "Ant-Man". Spoiler alert: It gets pretty dark.

Which of the MCU movie would you skip if you could pick just one? Tell us in the comments!


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