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Phase 3 lineup

Captain America 3: Civil War

May 6, 2016

Civil War will be a huge turning point that will lead us into the future of the cinematic universe. Speaking of leading the future lets take a look of some heroes and villains who will be making their MCU big screen debut.

Black Panther, the King of an African nation Wakanda, has been known to work alone but this version of him could see him team up with Captain America alongside others against Iron Man and whoever chooses to side with him because of the battle in South Africa that saw Hulk vs Iron Man (using the 'Hulk Buster') destroying a city. Wanting to get some justice for his home country, we could easily see him side with Cap to get his hands on Iron Man

Spiderman, Marvels long lost son finally able to fight alongside Earths Mightiest heroes. Before that though he will first have to make his debut in this Civil War Film. Believe me when I tell you this his presence will be felt no matter what size of a role he plays. I believe Spidey will be torn between Iron Man and Captain America. Ultimately, he will be the one to unite them to take down a much bigger problem that is threatening Earth and we all know who I'm talking about.

Daredevil, a Lawyer by day and vigilante Superhero by night. Oh and did I mention he is blind? With Civil War dealing with the Government wanting all superheroes under their control when to assemble them to battle a threat and to ones with secret identities. Perhaps someone will be needing a lawyer to defend them. Well Nelson and Murdock are the perfect fit to represent a hero. This will be a great way to bring Daredevil onto the big screen.

Lets not forget this also a Captain America film so he will also have some foes looking to take him out.

Baron Zemo, the son of Nazi Scientist 'Baron Heinrich Zemo' who was an enemy of Captain America in WWII. Perhaps, he is out to do what his father could not do and kill Cap. Maybe Zemo is on a mission to capture Bucky, The Winter Solider, and take him back to HYDRA but Cap won't let that happen so they combat.

Crossbones, Brock Rumlow, although he is not new to the MCU but the Crossbones villain is. A former Agent of SHIELD who was apart of the villainous turn of SHIELD, who also was an agent for HYDRA. Cap and Brock collided in Captain America: The Winter Solider. I believe he is just out to kill and possibly working with Baron Zemo to capture Bucky and kill Cap.

Captain America 3 is looking to be an already stacked cast of superheroes, as some people like to say Avengers 2.5. With the additions of Black Panther, Spiderman, and Daredevil this will definently not lack nostalgia. Baron Zemo and Crossbones look to change the landscape of the universe, will they or will they not? We will have to wait and see....


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