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The film industry frequently latches onto trends and one that I have noticed recently is the trend of recycling ideas that seem to work well.

Here we have 3 perfectly good examples of that:

1. Found Footage Films

The Blair Witch Project.
The Blair Witch Project.

Ever since The Blair Witch Project came to theaters it changed the way to watch horror flicks, and people have been twisting this concept and using it over and over again to the point where he are getting at least a couple of similar movies each summer for the last few years.

They just don't know where to stop, from a bad sequel to Blair Witch Project to the countless Paranormal Activity installments (and the ones on their way to cinemas).

This, unfortunately has contributed to a slow but constant decay of the horror genre. Yes we have been watching great indie movies and other good Hollywood horror productions, but nothing like those from the good old times right?

That's because they keep using the same ideas again and again and again.

2. Sports Movies

The Blind Side.
The Blind Side.

Just another great idea that went through extreme makeover for countless times.
It's basically the same thing, only different names and different "inspired by the true and unbelievable story of..."

But as far as we know the basics are:

  • The team's coach: A man so burdened by his passion that he completely forgets his own family, his marriage is hanging by a thread and the team he is leading just doesn't gets on their feet.
  • The Coach's wife: She is always there for him, but she is secretly resented because of his absence and she tries so hard to give his husband the best of her. While keeping their family from falling apart.
  • Coach's kids: They are good kids, but the also resent his father's abscence.
  • all they want is their father's attention and care back.
  • The team: A team of young promises or social underdogs, they strugle day by day to get the team through the playoffs, the championship match or any other big title or award.

    While some details might change, the story is practicly the same, and we get one of these movies every six months or so.

3. Unnecessary Sequels/Prequels

The Conjuring.
The Conjuring.

Let's face it, if movies were made the same way they used to make them back in the 60s the film industry wouldn't be as big as it is today. However, sometimes pepole have to go back and follow their footsteps.
What was wrong, what was a successful idea, and so on and on. Because with all the demand for new movies sometimes writers and producers forget some vital aspects.

If film producers and directors paid more attention to the details of the stories they want to tell and produce insto film we would have better movies, in a time where almost every good movie has a sequel or prequel and sagas are becoming more popular every year. Yes, we still watch those movies with a lot of excitment, but sometimes we leave disappointed after watching a classic movie sequel that has made their expectations really high and left us with a bad taste in the mouth.

The audience deserves better than this, I think we can agree on that one.

So, if you watch one of these movies anytime soon, remember you diserve better, and don't forget to tell us...


Wich one you think it's Hollywood's most recycled idea?


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