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My apologies for the delay on the following episode reviews for this series. I all but forgot about the series after I got my computer fixed. But, all is well and we’re back!

I’ll get right to it, I think I got the general idea of Dragon Ball Super. Three episodes in and it seems to me that the Toriyama & co. decided to take the movie “Battle of Gods”, remake it and stretch it out as a TV series. Point being, Lord Beerus. He is off around the galaxy pillaging worlds for their food and destroying them in his clear fashion. He then begins to go on about a legendary warrior called “Super Saiyan God”, in the same way he did in the movie.

I’ll be honest; it is a bit disappointing that the new Dragon Ball series has to go this route. I mean, so far I’ve been entertained, but really guys? I’m hoping for a twist somewhere down the line. The rest of this episode focuses on Vegeta, Bulma and kid Trunks. If you recall, back when Vegeta and Trunks were training in the gravity chamber, they both had a bet: If Trunks managed to land a single punch on his father, he’d go to the park. Considering the next 24hrs (in the show’s illogical sense of time), took place saving the universe against Kid Buu, it’s only natural that papa Vegeta kept his promise. Oh boy, you have no idea how amusing it was to see the Prince of Saiyans keep his cool in public and trying to behave like a normal person.

While I won’t detail what adventures our prince goes through, you could pretty much imagine just about anything that he wouldn’t like, that isn’t training to be stronger than Goku. Even though in the last of DBZ, when Vegeta finally admitted that Goku was his better, the thrive to one day be the better warrior still burns like a thousand suns in the man’s heart. I mean seriously, this is a man who would rather stand outside and onto of Bulma’s plane flying at Mach 5 and use it as training.

If anything, the story portion with Vegeta made this episode as entertaining as it is, even though I’m not too wild on stretching out Battle of Gods. But, at the end of the day, I’m a fan of these character and for better or worse, Bio-Broly or not, I’ll be there to watch.

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