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Ok, I’ll rephrase what I said about this being a remake of the Battle of Gods movie turned series. It’s behaving more like the deleted scenes we didn’t get originally. If I trust the people behind Dragon Ball Super, somewhere down the line we’ll get something a bit newer.

Episode 3 doesn’t really have much in the “new” department. Again, if you’ve seen “Battle of Gods”, then this episode basically repeats the scenes from when Beerus talks to the Orcale Fish and Goku ‘s training on King Kai’s planet. The ONLY difference being the Grand Kais getting involved in the upcoming war that will darken the world: Kibito Kai and Elder Kai. But overall, not much else to really get in to that hasn’t already been explored.

Lord Beerus remembers of the Super Saiyan God, learns of the surviving race living on Earth, with the nearest being Goku at King Kai’s planet. Watching this episode made me wish I was seeing adventures involving Piccolo. He got a very short cameo at the start, so why not follow him for a few episodes? I’m sure there are villains out there more suited to his strengths and capabilities that should warrant him to shine again. In the human department, let’s also give attention to the strongest of them all, Tien, with Yamcha and Krillin as back-up. It’s the sad fact about this series: once you introduce over the top villains like Cell, Buu and Lord Beerus, the original characters become trinkets. They deserve better.

Next episode will air on August 2nd, where we shall see Emperor Pilaf. Oh joy…

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