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Since DC is apparently trying to go for a multiverse, in which the shows Arrow and The Flash will be included apart of the DCEM (DC Extended Multiverse), there are so many more characters and villains that DC can introduce in its films. Some of the villains that should be introduced into the DCEM are the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3. The Syndicate have been around for decades in the DC universe, appeared during DC's Forever Evil storyline, and were featured in the animated film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The Crime Syndicate are the polar opposites of the Justice League. Even though they all have similar powers, but they are the dominant super-villains of Earth-3, and enjoy killing people. There have been different members of the team over the years, but the founding, and most consistent, members of the Crime Syndicate are Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick, who are the evil counterparts to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. If this team of tyrants were to appear on the big screen, then here are the men and women who would be cast to represent them in the films.

Ultraman: Jon Hamm and Matt Bomer
Ultraman: Jon Hamm and Matt Bomer

Ultraman is the leader of the Crime Syndicate, who uses anti-kryptonite (or actual kryptonite) to keep his god-like powers and to keep the rest of the Syndicate loyal to him. In the earlier comics, Ultraman came from Krypton that didn't explode, or was an astronaut who received powers from anti-kryptonite. Ultraman is also crazy in love with his teammate, Lois Lane aka Superwoman of Earth-3, but she has an affair with Owlman. The two actors that could portray him on screen are Matt Bomer and Jon Hamm, and here's why:

- Matt Bomer (37 years old, 6'0"): is an up-and-coming actor, who's best known for his good looks in films such as Magic Mike and voiced Superman in the animated movie Superman Unbound. He's around the same age as Henry Cavill and can pass for a Superman counterpart. He doesn't have any real villainous roles in his acting career, but based on appearance, he would be a good choice to play Ultraman.

- Jon Hamm (44 years old, 6'2"): one of the best actors in Hollywood and most known for Don Draper in the hit series Mad Men, and playing a condemning FBI agent in The Town. Even though Hamm is considerably older than most of the cast in DC, he has the look of an experienced and corrupted person who can command a team of villains, and could obsess over a woman (ex: His character's interest in Rebecca Hall's in The Town).

Both of these actors can portray two different looks of a character (same age counterpart, or older and more evil) and can match up to Henry Cavill's boy scout character, Superman.

Owlman: Josh Brolin and Joe Manganiello
Owlman: Josh Brolin and Joe Manganiello

Owlman is Batman's obvious counterpart, and is known as Thomas Wayne Jr., the older brother to Bruce Wayne who died along with their mother. Owlman has increased intellect through technology and testing, and similarly to Batman, has counter attacks for the members of the Crime Syndicate, but uses them against his teammates whenever he chooses too. Owlman also has an affair with Superwoman, which is unclear of whether it's an emotional connection or just Superwoman wanting someone who isn't always checking on her like Ultraman. For this evil counterpart, Josh Brolin and Joe Manganiello are definitely great choices to contrast Affleck's Batman for these reasons:

- Josh Brolin (47 years old, 5'10"): Originally, Brolin was in talks with Snyder on becoming Batman, but due to creative differences, Brolin passed on becoming the retired Dark Knight. Brolin is another one of Hollywood's finest actors, starring in films such as No Country for Old Men, American Gangster, and Grindhouse. Although he hasn't been a part of too many comic book films (Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron), he is a great actor and has played villainous characters over the years. Even though he is currently under contract with Marvel, he probably would be able to be Owlman, depending on if these characters will ever be featured in a film.

- Joe Manganiello (38 years old, 6'5"): is another actor who is making waves in Hollywood with his physique, good looks, and roles in Magic Mike, Sabotage, True Blood, and in Spiderman (2001) as Flash Thompson. Manganiello is proving to be a better actor with every role he takes (ex: his role crooked DEA agent that acts like a murderous biker on Speed). As Owlman, he could really show how strong and how mentally unstable Owlman really is.

Manganiello and Brolin would be great choices for Owlman because of their experiences as crooked characters and how menacing they look in the films they have starred in.

Superwoman: Gina Carano, Carla Gugino, Paula Patton
Superwoman: Gina Carano, Carla Gugino, Paula Patton

Superwoman is the evil counterpart of Wonder Woman, and is a personal favorite when it comes to super-villains. In some comics, Superwoman is responsible for the extinctions of all Amazons on her planet, and instead of her lasso revealing truths, it reveals the darkest secrets that people have. Superwoman has all the same abilities as Wonder Woman, but also has heat vision, similar to Superman. Superwoman is definitely the strongest Crime Syndicate member besides Ultraman, and these actresses would be perfect for the wife of Ultraman: Gina Carano, Carla Gugino, and Paula Patton:

- Gina Carano (33 years old, 5'8"): former WMMA Middleweight Champion of the world and was considered 3rd best female fighter in the world. She has had noticeable roles in Fast and Furious 6, starred in the film Haywire, and will be starring in the upcoming film Deadpool. Carano and Cavill dated before Man of Steel, but broke up after a few months, and this could contribute to good fight scenes against Superman and the Justice League. Since she is a former champion, she would be able to do her own stunts, and has a beautiful, yet menacing look that would be perfect for Superwoman.

- Carla Gugino (43 years old, 5'5"): she is one of the most underrated actresses of Hollywood because she has been a part of so many great films such as Watchmen, Sin City, and American Gangster. Gugino is not only gorgeous but a great actress who can play various roles successfully and convincingly. Her beauty and acting chops would be perfect for Superwoman, because she can be an independent and strong female villain for DC.

- Paula Patton (39 years old, 5'7"): Paula Patton is a fine actress who has starred in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Precious, and 2 Guns. She may not have been in many critically-positive films, but she has the beauty, physique, and experience to play a deceitful and strong super-villain. She has proven to be great in her action scenes in Mission Impossible, and a strong female character in Precious and 2 Guns.

These 3 women are the best choices for Superwoman because of their previous roles in their films, and how they are able to perform in action scenes.

Power Ring: Armie Hammer and Patrick Wilson
Power Ring: Armie Hammer and Patrick Wilson

Power Ring is the 4th founding member of the Crime Syndicate. He has similar powers to Green Lantern, except his ring contains the spirit of a Tibetan monk named Volthoom, who often speaks to the wielder telepathically. Power Ring has gone through several different characters, who are counterparts of the other JL Green Lanterns (Gardner, Jordan, Rayner, and Stewart). Depending on who will be cast in the future Green Lantern Corps film, I think Armie Hammer and Patrick Wilson would be perfect contenders for Power Ring:

- Armie Hammer (28 years old, 6'5"): an up-and-coming actor who can has starred in The Social network, Lone Ranger, and the upcoming film, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Although he hasn't been in many hit films, Hammer would be perfect to play the opposite of Green Lantern because of his towering figure, and for his calculating look and tone, similar to his portrayal of the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

-Patrick Wilson (42 years old, 6'1"): an experienced and talented actor from the films Insidious, Watchmen, A-Team, and The Conjuring. Wilson has portrayed a variety of roles, as many actor should, and has done so very well. Wilson did a great job of portraying a possessed man in Insidious: Chapter 2, which could translate well to a super-villain with a cursed ring that has a spirit invading the wielder's mind.

Both of these actors I'd cast based on their physique and their previous roles because they both have played a villain in their own roles.

Johnny Quick: Anton Yelchin and Garrett Hedlund
Johnny Quick: Anton Yelchin and Garrett Hedlund

Johnny Quick is the evil Flash of Earth-3, and with the use of his helmet, he can run at super speed, but isn't as fast as The Flash, where he cannot travel through time or break dimensional barriers. He started out as a common criminal who gained his superpowers in an accident at a lab, opposite of Barry Allen or Wally West who are crime scene investigators. Anton Yeltsin and Garrett Hedlund would be good actors to be considered for the role of Earth-3's evil speedster:

- Anton Yelchin (26 years old, 5'9"): a very talented young actor who's starred in some of the better films within the last decade, such as Star Trek 1 & 2, Fright Night, and Only Lovers Left Alive. Yeltsin's stature also would contribute to an evil speedster going against the Flash. Although he hasn't played a super-villain in a comic book film, he can portray the arrogance of Johnny Quick, and looks as though he is similar to Ezra Miller's Flash.

- Garrett Hedlund (30 years old, 6'3"): another good actor who has been in some really good films including Friday Night Lights, Inside Llewyn Davis, Tron: Legacy, and the upcoming film Pan. Hedlund is used to playing characters who were full of themselves, and has had experience in athletic and physically-demanding roles (Friday Night Lights and Tron: Legacy).

For the evil counterparts of the Justice League, these are the men and women I'd cast to play alongside and against the current cast of the Justice League. With the success of the Forever Evil storyline, I would not be surprised to see the Crime Syndicate in the live-action films of DC, or at least become part of the planning stages for future films. Suggest who you'd cast in the comments below or what super villains you'd like to see in the DCEM!


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