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This week we had three big releases, a sci-fi comedy, sports drama and coming of age film, but which came out on top?

Here are the TOP 5 at the US Domestic Box Office this past weekend:

1) ANT-MAN - $24.7 Million

Marvel's Ant-Man thankfully stayed in it's number one spot for it's second weekend only dropping around 50%. Good word of mouth and repeat viewings will do Ant-Man some good business in the long run. It may have had lowest opening for a Marvel film since The Incredible Hulk in 2008 but Marvel should not be disappointed with these results. Ant-Man was never going to do Avengers type numbers, whilst it brought in much of the Marvel fanbase, a lot of mainstream movie goers may have judged the movie solely on it's unappealing title. The film has now grosses $226 Million worldwide.

2) PIXELS - $24 Million

Adam Sandler's latest critical bomb was the videogame invasion film; Pixels. Earlier this week the reviews came out for the film and they weren't all. The film dropped as low as 10% on the Tomatoemeter and now stands at 18%. The film releases in the UK in early August so I have yet to see the film. Box Office wise though, this is not unimpressive. Of course I have no doubt that if the film had been reviewed better, it would have opened a little higher, the worldwide appeal along with a good dose of nostalgia could have made this a huge success but I guess when the word got out about the film's quality, a lot of movie goers were put off. The film has a budget of $88 Million and will most likely break even.

3) MINIONS - $22.1 Million

Minions yet again proves to be a massive hit, coming in third but with an impressive $22.1 Million in it's third week and is still the #1 movie worldwide for the three weeks. The film has already made $759 Million worldwide and will most likely make $1 Billion by the year's end.

4) TRAINWRECK - $17.3 Million

Trainwreck which opened last weekend maintains a strong box office, dropping only 42% from last weekend's $30 Million take. Trainwreck hits UK theaters August 14th.

5) SOUTHPAW - $16.5 Million

Jake Gyllenhaal's latest dramatic triumph opened to mix reviews but overperformed at the Box Office. Many saw Southpaw opening in sixth with the new film Paper Towns taking the #5 spot but in fact it was the exact opposite. On a budget of $30 Million, the movie is sure to be successful. If you haven't yet checked out Southpaw, this is one I highly recommend.

Paper Towns from the same author as The Fault In Our Stars didn't prove to be as successful as that film only opening in sixth place with $12.5 Million which is still impressive when opening in sixth. The film peaked with it's Friday take of $6.3 Million and dropped considerably to $3.5 Million on Saturday. The film received mixed reviews but has not yet opened here in the UK, the film hits the UK August 21st.


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Let me know your predictions for next week's Box Office as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Vacation both hit US Theaters this week!


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