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I had gone to visit a friend it was night time and a little windy but warm and as my friend didn't live far I decided to ride my pushbike, I took a movie with me that we had both been waiting to see, half way thru the flick it started to rain, I decided that if it didn't stop it would be easier to crash at my friends place for the night, he had pet rats that ran the place kinda. Well after the movie it was still hammering down so I asked to stay, my friend said "Cool you can use my room I sleep out here anyway but I have three female rats living in the room they will check you out then leave you alone" I found he was right one by one they investigated me then moved on to do whatever, around 1 am I woke up needing to use the bathroom, I went out into the hallway and noticed the 3 rats were just outside the bedroom door in the hallway, they started to follow me to the bathroom but I shut the door before they could, on my return I noticed they didn't try to follow me back into the room, which I found odd, I let it go and drifted off to sleep then I was woken by the feeling of a weight on my chest, Sleep paralysis had me, I've suffered from it since childhood so I knew what it was but I didn't feel the normal feeling of pure evil or anger, it felt female and older, I struggled to yell my friends name all the same but nothing came out then I started to make a wimpering dound followed by the first few letters of my friends name, the paralysis began to subside and I was able to move again, I went to the living room where my friend was and told him I was leaving, he asked why and reluctantly I told him the whole story, he told me he had seen his girls (the 3 rats) in the hallway and thought it was strange, he also told me he had heard me but thought I was dreaming, he almost begged me to stay but I couldn't I'd rather ride home in the cold than stay here over night, I offered him a bed at my place but he said it was OK he would just avoid the bedroom, this story is 100% true its up to you if you believe me but I offer you this, if i was going to make up something i think anyone could do better than what ive judt told you but the difference with that and this is, this is true. Peace out lovers.


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