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Okay so first off I'm all for raising the stakes but at the end of the day Marvel should not get rid of the characters everybody loves. The way I see it there are three types of audience members in the superhero world: fangirls/boys, action/superhero fans, and die-hard original comic loving hipster fans. I'd like to represent the fangirls in this situation, specifically one of the biggest fandom's, the Loki fandom. Killing off Loki's character would prove to be a huge No-No on marvels side. I happen to know (whether online or IRL) that hundreds of Loki fans would boycott the Marvel universe altogether if he dies (again). Out of these hundreds many walked out during Thor 2 right after the scene where Loki died, iy was over for them. Let's be honest like any good fan, people see a movie to represent your fandom and cheer on your favorite character. But what's the point if you kill off Loki? If you kill off the characters hundreds of people love and go to the movies to see? As a side note destroying Asgard would be an absolute tradjedy and strain on the mystery and romance of the realm everybody wants more of. -Awesome insight onto what's going on for the next installment in the Thor franchise! Thank you!


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