ByHannah Medvene, writer at

Today I found myself walking down the YA section of my local barnes & noble. As I through various novels about adolescent romance and anger, I realized that 88% of them had recycled the same mind numbing plot. I wasn't surprised, but yet the urge to have a good cry was tempting. For years, hell centuries even, we'd been hearing about two people from the opposite sides of the track who unsurprisingly fall in love ,or best friends who after a whirlwind of events realize their undeniable love for each other. From Romeo and Juliet to Twilight, and we saw the all consuming infatuation of two individuals that ruined both parties. This isn't what teens should be basing relationships off of, because it is highly unrealistic and unhealthy to be involved in relationships like that. Yet every college grad with a major in english seems to think that's it's a good idea to remind our generation's youth of such tales. I realize that I sound like a bitter 45 year old who's never been in love, yet I stand by my opinions. I just hope that all the good ideas haven't already been bound into a hardback book with a bestseller sticker taped on it.


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