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According to ancient greek historian Herodotus, 300 Spartans (with additional Greek allies) were able to hold off a million strong Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480BC. Unfortunately, it seems the warrior elites' training has declined in more recent years, as a group of Spartans were recently defeated by a handful of Chinese police officers.

Ok, so maybe some qualifiers are in order. When I say 'Spartans' I actually mean models dressed as the Spartans from Zack Snyder's 300. And when I say 'defeated,' I actually mean 'sat on.'

Let me explain.

Recently, a large group of foreign models were dressed up in historically inaccurate Spartan garb for a publicity stunt by local food company, Sweetie Salad. Initially everything seemed to go fine, the Spartans came out in formation, showed off the product and gave a slightly half-hearted salute. Unfortunately, things then took a turn for the worse.

Apparently, the huge crowds which gathered to see the Spartan 'army' caused a 'disruption to social order' on the streets of Beijing. The police were called in and they demanded the Spartans lay down their salads and disperse. True to their creed, some Spartans apparently refused to surrender, resulting in the police horde clashing with the Spartan models. Much like the original Battle of Thermopylae, the result was a crushing, if slightly less heroic, defeat for our brave Spartans.

In fact, according to one eye witness (reported via state media), it was less of a battle and more of an immediate rout, claiming:

"Handsome Spartan warriors tried to occupy the Chinese capital but were defeated by our awesome police in five seconds."

It certainly wasn't anything like this:

Furthermore, unlike the real ancient battle, there wasn't a follow-up clash in which the Spartans claimed victory. Instead, Sweetie Salad offered a groveling apology to the state security service, claiming they only meant to promote a heathy diet and lifestyle.

It seems only a handful of Spartans were actually arrested, and presumably they did spend the night dining in hell - or at the very least, a Chinese prison cell.

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