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Yeah, I know it was a while back, but you might remember Morales from Season 1 of The Walking Dead as the family-man of sorts. He had his wife and two kids, and last we heard from them was that they were heading to Birmingham when everyone else was heading to the CDC in Atlanta. He seemed like a good dude, but it seemed like we would probably never see (or hear from) him again.

Well, there's a very strong possibility that he returns in Season 6, apparently. There's been speculation of his return for a while, but now we may legitimately have something definitive.

A promotional image of Morales hit the interwebz a few months back. That was the one below of Morales, which many people assumed was connected to the companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. He was added to the IMDb page for Fear, but it appears he has been taken off. If this is a real image (below), it could make even more sense for him to appear on the original, The Walking Dead.

The image is, undeniably awesome. And a return of his character would be very cool and prove that the show is incredibly detailed when it comes to chronicling what happens to even some of the smaller, seemingly less important characters. So, let's look to the comics to see how he could return.

So, in the comics Morgan isn't actually a big part of the Alexandria storyline. In fact, he gets it from a walker in the 'No Way Out' storyline, which makes it seem like the sixth season might be deviating considerably from the comics. It's unclear, though. He could meet his maker early in Season 6, but from how they're promoting it, it seems like the Rick-Morgan storyline is one everyone wants to follow. We'll see.

So, how does Morales play into all of this, you ask? Well, since Morgan is one of the more badass characters we now have on the show... and he's obviously one of the main characters... with Morgan playing the Paul "Jesus" Monroe type role from the comics, someone is going to need to fill in his connections to the Hilltop Community and other civilized groups. Could this be Morales?

When Morales left in Season 1 to find his family, he came to the brutal realization that it was very unlikely he would be successful and he became hopeless. I think there's a chance that he stumbled upon the Hilltop Community at an early stage and joined it, thinking it was a safe place to live. Now, if Michonne and Abraham find him, they won't know who he is. If he comes back, it'll be a really cool reunion with him, Rick, Glenn, Carol, Daryl, and Carl.

It could be cool to tie things back from the first season, and I think that regaining a hispanic character is awesome for what is already quite the diverse show. I hope Morales makes it back in Season 6. It would truly be a blast from the past that could shake up the show considerably.

What do you think?

The Walking Dead returns October 11 on AMC.



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