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If you think about it, the narratives and takeaways offered from the Disney Princesses and Cher Horowitz's Clueless gang tread similar paths. Not only did they teach us that kindness is king, a contract signed by a teacher (or sea-dwelling octopus-witch) is negotiable, and that a Prince Charming is always waiting in the wings, they also offered up foolhardy advice on all the cornerstones of idealized female grooming.

Some of the key pointers being:

1. A make-over can mask a multitude of sins

2. Taming those locks is pretty important

3. Working that posture might come in handy

So it was only natural that Cosmopolitan commissioned artist Isaiah Stevens to re-imagine the Disney princesses as cast of Clueless themselves.

Introducing Cinderella and Jasmine as Cher and Dionne...

Ariel as Amber...

Anna, Hans and Pocahontas as Tai, Elton and Summer...

Anna as Tai, Hans as Elton, and Pocahontas as Summer
Anna as Tai, Hans as Elton, and Pocahontas as Summer

Aladdin as Murray..."Cause I'm keepin' it real"

"Oh, no. You don't understand this is an Alaia."

"Man, this party is ragin'."

Hercules as Christian...

Hercules as Christian
Hercules as Christian

Prince Charming as Josh...(obvs)

And Kristoff as Travis

Aren't they great? And wouldn't it be even greater to see the rest of the cast re-imagined too? Like Cher's dad, Mel Horowitz (definitely the Sultan in Aladdin), Mr. Hall or Miss Geist?


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