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I don't know how it continues to do it, but 2 years since its eagerly awaited release, GTA V still manages to blow my, and legions of gamers' minds across the globe. Mix in some of the incredible and hilarious PC content that's being created by talented modders, and you've got the ingredients for some bats**t crazy fun!

Like, for example, who would've thought that Los Santos could be yet another perfect playground for the Clown Prince of Crime's murderous antics? Well, two genius modders did, and the results are astounding.

Using Trevor, naturally, as the basis, Flickr user Berduu combined Ms7mido’s Joker skin mod and Play'n'Roll's tuxedos to create this stunning homage to an icon. And in customary Berduu style, he managed to snap some absolutely stunning hi-def images.

So, yeah, let's have a look:

Hero Pose

"Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you...


"I'm an agent of chaos."

"Why so serious?!"

If you own GTA V on PC, I suggest you get over and get yourself a little bit of Joker action, because this looks like mounds of fun.

But imagine someone made a mod that added a 6 star bonus that unleashes the Bat, and he ends up chasing you around the map until apprehension. How ridiculous would that be? Kinda like an overblown cops and robbers, where Batman is controlled by V's A.I. That would be excellent.

That will more than likely transpire at some point, but until then, I hear there's an Arkham Knight that needs taking down.

But Wait, There's More...

Modder Play'n'Roll's tuxedos also brings a little perk for Michael and Franklin along for the ride. Downloading the patch turns Franklin into Black Mask, and Michael into Two Face! So it's a win win all around really. Obviously... not for Los Santos. Check them out in the video below:

Ha, and naysayers like to believe that gamers are lazy. Keep up the great work, modders!

(Source: Kotaku, 5mods, Flickr)


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