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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Since the explosion of fan fever following the exclusive sneak peek at the Deadpool trailer aired at San Diego Comic-Con, we've been desperate to get a better look at the most charmingly unconventional of heroes.

You know the drill: grab the footage, watch it frame-by-frame, break it down and theorize wildly... Sadly, we're not quite at that stage yet, but we have at least been promised the Deadpool trailer in concrete form: Alberta Film Ratings has confirmed that the first Deadpool trailer will be 2:24 long and - wait for it - will come with a PG rating!

Despite 2:24 sounding like a decent run-time for a trailer, it's likely that there'll be a certain amount of your standard big movie padding: drawn-out voiceovers, studio branding, and long fades. It'll be interesting to see how they've managed to keep the trailer PG-rated, given Deadpool's notoriously adult themes.

So when do we get to watch this family friendly PG-rated Deadpool trailer? Sources confirm the trailer is expected to drop at the August 7 release of fellow Fox movie Fantastic Four; a short two-week wait that even die-hard fans can probably handle.

Here's the trailer for Fantastic Four, which is obviously gonna be a fun watch for superhero fans in its own right!

The Deadpool movie will be released February 12, 2016 - expect more news and and sneak peeks until then.


Is 'Deadpool' the superhero movie you're most excited about for 2016?

Source: Alberta Film Ratings, Youtube, Coming Soon


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