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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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A lot of horrifying movies see terrible things happen on late night trains, deep underground. Midnight Meat Train, Creep, Death Line, Suicide Club... all of these horrors tap into that fear we feel on the last train, alone.

These fears may have come to fruition in real life based on new findings by police in London, England. Former detective Geoff Platt recently interviewed a man, Kiernan Kelly, who had just murdered his cellmate.

However, during Kelly's description of the murder, he began confessing to a much greater crime - the killing of 18 innocent people on the London Underground, by pushing them in front of oncoming trains from the platform.

Geoff Platt told the Daily Star:

"He was proud of that murder [of his cellmate] and when we went to speak to him he just confessed to killing 18 other people.

He was high – high on adrenaline, testosterone…aroused. You could see it in his eyes."

The damage a train can do to a person is exploited by horror movies, such as the following (rather disturbing) clip from Japanese horror Suicide Club:

The crime has been buried since the 1970s, when 18 people died by falling under trains - put down as accidents or suicides at the time to prevent public panic. Platt continues:

"It was a coverup. Think about it, the police don’t want it getting out – there would be mass panic.

They didn’t want people knowing a serial killer got away with pushing innocent people onto the tracks – they’d be afraid it could happen again.

The public would stop using the Underground which would put more traffic on the roads. It would be chaos."

If this confession turns out to be real, it will be an incredible breakthrough of a long-hidden cold case. What do you think of this grisly confession?

Source: Youtube, The Daily Star


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