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Imagine waking up in a bed in an unrecognizable room. You feel a hand touch your forehead, and you look up to find a person you feel you have never seen before. When you ask who that person is, they tell you that they are your significant other.

But can you really trust that person?

In XLrator Media's newest film Amnesiac, which stars Kate Bosworth and Wes Bentley, we follow a man who wakes up in a strange room suffering from memory loss after experiencing a horrific accident. He begins to suspect his wife is not really his love, and by doing a bit of investigation himself, he finds that he might actually be a captive.

Check out the chilling trailer below:

Bosworth is channeling some serious Kathy Bates from Misery vibes here.

This film raises so many questions in my mind. Is Bosworth's character really his wife? What happened during the accident? Where is his daughter? What's with the creepy torture chamber? Will he make it out alive?

I guess I'll just have to be patient for August 14th to roll around, where I'll be able to check out the film in limited theaters and VOD.

And in the meantime, I might have just gotten paranoid to question if everyone in my life is really who they say they are.

[Source: Bloody Disgusting]


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