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(Warning - potential, albeit unlikely, SPOILERS for Arrow's Season 4 premiere lie below. Proceed with whatever level of caution your natural level of SPOILER aversion dictates...)

Now, there aren't a whole lot of TV series' out there with more dedicated fan-bases than the CW's Arrow. Sure, some other shows may be beloved, but when it comes to sheer, cast-shipping and damn-giving commitment, Arrow might just have the beating of any and all comers.

Which, sometimes, it seems, brings with it a fairly unique set of problems. Y'see, one of the intriguing - and oft overlooked - features of popular movie data resource Imdb is that it's actually editable by pretty much anyone, much like Wikipedia. Which, in turn, means that fans like us are able to add in casting details for individual episodes of shows that we care about - whether or not the details have actually been confirmed.

In this case?

Someone Uploaded a Whole Lot of Arrow Casting Details to Imdb

The only problem?

There's a pretty solid chance that none of them were real...

Y'see, among the casting rumors posted to the site (that have since been removed), there were a whole lot of pretty huge surprise arrivals, including:


A.k.a. Batman's erstwhile assistant (and former Robin), Dick Grayson - as reportedly set to be played by Nick Theurer in Arrow.

Hal Jordan

A.k.a. (arguably) the most famous Green Lantern of them all, and the one you might remember Ryan Reynolds playing in the recent movie - as reportedly set to be played by Jason Deline in Arrow.

Carol Ferris

A.k.a. that same Green Lantern's love interest (and eventual Star Sapphire), who you'll likely recall was played by Blake Lively in that self-same movie - as reportedly set to be played by Enid-Raye Adams in Arrow.

And...Ethan Hawke?

Now, admittedly, this one can probably be put down to a typo, with the role - reportedly set to be played by Spencer List - more likely to be referring to the comic book Connor Hawke, Green Arrow's son, who's been rumored to be turning up this season, and to have inadvertently been typed in as Ethan Hawke, the famous character actor.

Which is a shame, really, since it would've been fascinating to see someone who isn't actually Ethan Hawke playing...Ethan Hawke.

Just me?
Just me?

The only problem with all of that? The combination of the rumors' rapid removal from Imdb, and the general implausibility of several of those roles even appearing in the show (Nightwing is about to arrive in TNT's Titans, and Jordan and Ferris may well still be in play in the DCCU) suggest that there's a pretty good chance that most, and perhaps all, of those rumored pieces of casting are completely false.

Well, either that, or The CW is doing a pretty fantastic job of covering up a pretty huge reveal in that Season 4 premiere...

What do you think, though?



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