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Whenever I see Easter Eggs, I get pretty excited. There's that element of getting into "sleuth-mode" so to speak, that really gets the audience engaged and more interested in the content on-screen. Most of the time they happen in big franchises, but in the case of these 6 crime/action movies, there are a lot that you may have never noticed.

So, take a look and let us know which you were most surprised to find out about. Trust me, you'll be wanting to re-watch some of these classics after seeing these cleverly placed eggs.

1. Fargo (1996) - This one involves the artist formerly known as Prince

This Easter egg sparked a bit of controversy, as a random dead body in the field was credited as Prince... kind of. Essentially "The Victim in the Field" (as you can see above) was credited with a symbol that looks a lot like the one Prince used from 1993 onward. It's sideways and has a smiley-face in the circle, though. It wasn't actually Prince in the cameo role, though. It was storyboard artist J. Todd Anderson who has a pretty funny sense of humor.

2. Fight Club (1999) - Starbucks and Brad Pitt mentions?

The first Easter egg is Starbucks-related. Because... why not? There are tons of cups branded with the Starbucks logo all over the place in the film. According to director David Fincher, they are everywhere and can be seen in most shots. It's unclear exactly why, but suffice to say, caffeine and dual-personality disorder probably go hand-in-hand. Another funny wink-and-nod from the film is a theater marquee for Seven Years in Tibet... a film with Brad Pitt in it. Obviously, Pitt co-stars in Fight Club. It's fair game, though, since Durden is a fictional being in the film.


3. The Departed (2006) - X marks the spot

I can't believe one of my favorite Martin Scorsese films had a Final Destination-esque plot foreshadowing that I never noticed, for all of the characters who died. You will notice if you re-watch, that there are at least 15 different Xs that appear when a character is about to die. Queenan (Martin Sheen) falls out the window and falls past windows with Xs taped across them. Also, towards the end of the film, there is an X that's made out of tape on the wall of the elevator above the head of Leo DiCaprio's character, Billy, after he arrests Matt Damon's character, Sullivan. This was an homage paid to 1932's Scarface, where a black X would appear when the death of a character was imminent. Talk about a film scholar! Scorsese is the man.


4. Inside Man (2006) - Pizza time!

Now... Denzel's appearance in a movie is almost an Easter egg in itself. Because whenever he appears on-screen, you're pretty much sure he's going to say something badass and do some crazy shit to back it up. These are facts. However, Spike Lee threw in this Easter egg from his classic film, Do the Right Thing. When it comes time to deliver pizza to the hostages and bank robbers, Denzel and his team order the pizza from - where else? Sal's Famous Pizzeria of course. And of course that is where Spike Lee worked in a nod to Do The Right Thing, the racially groundbreaking film also directed by Lee, which featured the same pizzeria! Awesome.

5. A Clockwork Orange (1971) - Kubrick shouting out himself

I don't know if you're noticing a trend here, but all of these movies have some pretty serious directors. Stanley Kubrick is known for his complicated and dense films that hold deeper meaning than you may get from watching just once. In the record store, when Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is asking about a record he ordered, front and center in a rack in front of the counter is the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, also by Kubrick.

6. Shutter Island (2010) - Scorsese pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Yet another Martin Scorsese flick. One of the creepiest thrillers of this decade, in my humble opinion. There were a lot of Alfred Hitchcock references, including one to Psycho, where Scorsese used a shot under a shower head with steam on either side. This of course came from one of the most iconic murder scenes in the history of film. Also, Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) is forced to hang off the face of a cliff. This shot is similar to one from North by Northwest. There's also a scene of a gun on the bottom of a camera, tracking its victim; yet another creepy device used by Scorsese, mimicking Hitchcock's in Spellbound. In the film Marnie, Hitchcock made the main character deathly afraid of thunderstorms, which are ongoing in Shutter Island. An obvious nod is the scene where a tree smashes through the window at the insane asylum. There's also a Vertigo shoutout that is fairly obvious in which Teddy climbs the rickety stairs in the lighthouse. Lastly, Dr. Naehring (Max van Sydow) has Nazi ties (or so Teddy thinks), and that pays homage to Hitchcock's Notorious.

Shutter Island (left), Psycho (right)
Shutter Island (left), Psycho (right)


Great directors love giving you a little wink-and-nod and I think it's awesome when they do. I hope you enjoyed this list and that you'll bust out some that we forgot below!

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