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Wouldn't it be nice, horror fans, if we could start our mornings off with a very eerie breakfast to get us in that creepy mood? Perhaps pair it with a chilling scary film, and suddenly you're having the best breakfast of your afterlife.

Sadly, the following cereals don't actually exist, but they are available as trading cards at Wax Eye. Until someone actually decides to pull a Frankenstein and get them made, for now we can image how deliciously spooky they will taste.

1. Chucky Harms

Even the sweetness of the marshmallows doesn't help with the maliciousness of the oats.

2. Twin Grain

This one is sure to make you go for seconds.

3. Halloweeties

There's nothing like a bit of pumpkin to bring out the maniac in you.

4. Tales from the Crisp

Crunchy, crispy, and massively deadly.

5. The Silence of the Grahams

This cereal just looks like it'd taste killer.

6. Children of the Corn Flakes

Nothing says corn like scary children!

7. Night of the Krispies Dead

So yummy, it'll make your brain explode!

8. Fiber the 13th

For those moments you need some disemBOWELment to happen, if you know what I mean.

9. Shredded Feet

The minute I "saw" this, I knew I had to try it.

10. The Wheatful Dead

Even the devil can't handle this bowl of wheat flakes.

11. A Bitemore of Oat Street

Freddy's got a bowl all ready for!

I personally think The Wheatful Dead Cereal looks the most appetizing, as nothing sounds better than some healthy evil wheat flakes. Count Shockula doesn't sound half bad either (I'm all about that chocolate).

No could somebody please get into their evil lab and create these cereals? I'm starting to get bored with the same old breakfast day after day.



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