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(This contains some *POSSIBLE SPOILERS* for Season 6)

If you have been reading a lot of my articles lately, you know that I'm pretty gassed up and ready to go for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. In fact, I have dreams about the show consistently, I've already got Fear the Walking Dead set up on my DVR, I've been re-watching on Netflix, and the bottom line is that I might not be able to make it all the way until October 12th. It's just too far away.

So, when I came across this photo on Reddit, I had to make an article about it to see what you all think. Check it out...

Would bringing in the Hilltop community and Negan some time in Season 6 lead to some of the best potential episodes of the entire series? I doubt they'll follow the comics to a tee, but I have a feeling they might unveil the Hilltop Colony towards the end of the season.

A Reddit user, SimplyMe94, points out that this could be the proper time for an unveiling:

"There's barely any material between No Way Out and A Larger World. What little material there is, such as the coup, looks like it'll be done early on in the first few episodes, going by the trailer."

Talk about an epic cliffhanger if they can get to this point in the show (and maybe deviate slightly from the comics) towards the end of Season 6. Season 7 would have even more anticipation connected to it than this one... and that seems damn near impossible.

Overall, though, the house looks pretty much complete, and that seems like the part that would take the most labor and prep. The main question here... who will be the one that Negan kills?

(Via: Reddit)


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