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Arrow is one of my favorite heroes on the small screen right now. At one point I bought a cheaply made bow and arrow and I wore my green hoodie, all while running around in my house screaming "you have failed this city!" But what if I told you, you can be the Arrow in just 3 steps! (Please be aware that they may be potential spoilers!)

1. Learn from your mistakes!

From Season 1 to season 3, we've seen Oliver grow and become something bigger than he is. We've seen his morals change, as well as the way he feels about certain stuff, but he taught us to learn from our mistakes. If you remember, in season 1, we saw Oliver's best friend Tommy dying. This was a tragic event for Oliver and viewers. But because of that certain event, we saw Oliver becomes something bigger! He knew that his best friend thought of him as a killer, so to honor his friends memory he had to become something else, someone else! Sounds cheesy, but it goes to show how even heroes can learn from their mistakes, and your past doesn't define you because you can grow to be something better!

2. "We're all in this together!"

It's no secret, that Oliver initially has trouble accepting help! Over the seasons his team grows, from Diggle and Felicity, joining early, to Sarah, Roy, Laurel, and even Thea joining in later seasons. At times we've even seen him working with the cold blooded Malcolm and the daughter of the demon's head, Nysa Al Ghul! Now I can't pretend that it is easy to work in a team, but ultimately it is for the best. Just to know if you're going down you have others to go down with you! So yeah, work in a team, have people around you, to stuff with others and become a team player.

3. Live once in a while!

Yeah, even Oliver does it sometimes! It doesn't hurt to take a relaxing drive or binge-watch some TV every once in a while...especially if your sister just got killed by Ra's Al Ghul and you had to go to Nanda Partba to dip her in the larzaus pit to save her! You have movies to watch, shows to catch up on, so lay back once in a while and live. This doesn't mean procrastinate or avoid work, but rather take time to enjoy yourself in between all that.


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