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Danni Winn

On Monday July 20th, ArieScope announced some news countless fans were awaiting. Season three of Holliston is a go, and is expected sometime next year. The Holliston Nation and Hatchet Army finally breathed a sigh of relief, then [email protected]#$ing celebrated. The two year gap between the conclusion of Season two and the announcement of the upcoming third season seemed like an eternity to some. The generally patient and empathetic fans were obviously wanting more HOLLISTON, but clearly understood the emotional state the cast and crew were in. The world lost one hell of a guy when the sudden death of castmate and family member Dave Brockie occurred. The unique and prolific rock band GWAR was lead by Brockie for more than 30 years. Yet on stage and in 'character' he was known as Oderus Urungus. I myself was a fan of the theatrical and eccentric musical ensemble, playing their record 'This Toilet Earth' over and over and over. I traveled out of state twice to catch in concert. Making sure to remember to wear articles of clothing not necessarily cared about. See, GWAR had an elaborate back story and even more elaborate stage presence. Tons of fake blood and entrails were spewed over crowds in the 'splatter zone'. GWAR never really played large venues but would regularly sell out nightclubs, amphitheaters, and such. Their fans were loyal to say the least. Adam Green, creator of HOLLISTON was one of these fans.

Almost as a devine gesture of gratitude, he wanted to include a few of his heroes (Dee Snider from rock band Twisted Sister as well) and asked each if they wanted to be a part of FEARnet presentation of Green's original series HOLLISTON. Both readily agreed and greatly enjoyed the experience of filming with HOLLISTON family. In a clip from the special features of season two, Oderus states that HOLLISTON was the best thing that ever happened to him. Us too too.

Adam is a pleasantly unique filmmaker who has found success. He remains humble and hardworking, intent on maintaining a positive source of inspiration. Green regularly corresponds and interacts with his fans, often becoming a cheerleader for the ones who need it. He never charges for his autograph.... EVER. The dude is real, Joe Lynch his costar is real, and this is why HOLLISTON is so wildly popular as well as their 'spin off' podcast THE MOVIE CRYPT (TMC). The podcast has the two filmmakers discuss film, genre related issues, including special guests from some pretty damn successful individuals within Hollywood. According to iTunes TMC is ranked within the top ten podcasts earning over 500,000 listeners an episode. Damn that's impressive, especially if you stop and think how many different damn podcasts there are.

No one expected the level of success HOLLISTON and TMC were to achieve. Even FEARnet, the original home of HOLLISTON. But we're talking about a passion project here, evolving and resonating within Green for 15 years. Back to when for $400 he made his first feature COFFEE AND DONUTS with 'borrowed' equipment. Here is when he met Will Barratt for the first time, forging a lasting and effective bond. Barratt is also one of the founders of ArieScope and Director of Photography. Upon their initial meeting Adam asked Barratt, "Is this what you want to be making for the rest of your life?".

Adam Green has always pursued his destiny with a clear and concise focus, and without screwing anyone over. ArieScope enjoyed success for the first time with the film HATCHET. The ArieScope team pretty much went broke, all of them dumping in their personal savings to travel to Louisiana to complete a teaser trailer for the movie. The trailer was finished and was made quite effectively, quickly catching the attention of fans and industry professionals alike. It also caught the keen eye of then Fangoria guru, Ryan "Rotten" Turek. After being impressed with the teaser trailer and speaking with Green, Turek help put in motion what was needed to procure the means to film this slasher flick.

HATCHET was a hit with fans, spawning a massive, fiercely loyal HATCHET ARMY. It brought back the gory glory of slashers from years past. It had genre icons galore, witty dialogue, and kill scenes that would not disappoint the most hardcore of fans.

ArieScope of course grew with each individual success from the nine features it has produced. As well as three original and free on line series; 20 Seconds To Live, Horrified, and Adam Green's Scary Sleepover. You can spend hours on ArieScope YouTube page, entertained as hell. But this is also where you are reminded that Green, despite his well deserved success, feels the array of emotions we all do. Last year held some serious personal woes for Green. I have been following his film career for years and I can see it in his eyes, that he has been greatly affected.

So the fans wait.......patiently, understanding the magnitude of the unfortunate events the beloved creator and cast was having to endure.

"Thankfully we have an incredibly patient and understanding fan base that has supported us unconditionally and that mourned with us through all this. Our fans appreciate that we're real people who have to heal from our loss and that we're not just fictional characters on their screens, despite the fact we all play versions of ourselves in a way " --Executive Producer and Star of HOLLISTON Joe Lynch

Just like Green, Joe Lynch is a genuine, easy going guy. He let me chat him up before he and Adam recorded their epic TMC episode at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas. Back in March they presented a double feature of Lynch's movie EVERLY and Green's DIGGING UP THE MARROW. This also included a live episode of TMC, focusing on each if their latest releases. I had an amazingly easy and candid talk with Lynch about how earned his start in the business (Troma films) how ridiculous some critics were and that airport security really sucks. This whole conversation initiated by Lynch too, with him complimenting my BATTLE ROYALE jacket I had on. Also like Green, Lynch is very appreciative of his fans and acted like he was no one special.

"For a show that tells its audience to have hope and to 'never give up' who would I be to throw in the towel because of the unfortunate circumstances we've faced as a show these last two years? There's no guarantees in this business and I know I won't always win, but I'll keep getting back up,and I'll keep swinging, and I'll keep trying while I have this family standing with me; cast, crew, and fans.". --Adam Green

The pair of grateful and gifted filmmakers have acquired an impressive fan base because they are so easy to relate to. HOLLISTON debuted in 2012 on the now defunct FEARnet. The shows popularity continued to grow with each episode. HOLLISTON is so much more than simply a television show. Its a source of comfort and relevant topics with the fans. For the first time laughs and heartfelt situations were geared to towards the horror geek. Let's face it, besides STAR WARS fans, Horror has the most loyal and dedicated following.

The fans and HOLLISTON will be reunited sometime next year with a full ten episodes which will stream on the digital network of GeekNation, same home to their podcast TMC. Now HOLLISTON has the opportunity to become even bigger with GeekNation opening doors to fans not previously able to reach. This is so wonderful too, almost reaffirming their decision to not rush into the third season. Lynch saying, "We felt it would be a disservice to the fans and themselves."

The Monday the joyous news of the return of HOLLISTON and its actors were announced, social media was buzzing. Excitement was felt, as well as a solemn awareness that an important member was not to return. Adam Green, Joe Lynch and HOLLISTON itself are such a source of realistic inspiration for countless fans of the genre. I hope they know this.




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