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Sorry, guys! No Dragon Ball Super this week! Episode 4 will be broadcast this Sunday, and we'll get the conclusion to the potential showdown between Goku and the God of destruction, Lord Beerus. Still, for those who are familiar with, [Dragon Ball z: Battle of gods](tag:784626), the movie this is based on will know roughly where this might go. In that light, here's a prediction of what might or might not happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 4!

Goku Defeated

If I'm being perfectly honest, I'm not sure I approve of Dragon Ball Super simply retreading the ground established by Battle of Gods. I would hope that with the first serialized iteration of Dragon Ball for eighteen years, something new might be done, so hopefully the first encounter between Goku and Beerus won't play out as it did in the movie. In Super, Goku already knows of the danger Beerus poses, and likely won't jump into friendly sparring with the literal god! In the movie, Goku gets put down with only two hits, even at Super Saiyan level three. This doesn't matter too much, as it's only Dragon Ball's way of establishing that the new villain is a big deal. Perhaps the same will pay out in Dragon Ball Super.

Vegeta to side with Beerus?


What's weird when you go back and watch Battle of Gods now is seeing how weirdly affable characters are with Beerus initially. He and Whis are closer to simply space weirdos than actual threats, and when you think about it, the main character in DBZ have seen a lot of crap! This prediction comes from the idea that Vegeta may play Beerus' sense of pride, perhaps to stall any potential destruction of Earth. He'll still be a good guy in reality of course, though I'm sure pretending to be a villain will be therapeutic for the guy, allowing him to channel his resentment towards Goku once more.

Stolen Dragon Balls

In Battle of Gods, there is a small subplot involving Pilaf Mai and Chu attempting to steal dragon balls. So far, this has not been an element in Dragon Ball Super, but the potential to bring dragon balls back as a narrative device seems like an interesting one. Every chance this show has to return to the original vibe of Dragon Ball and early Dragon Ball Z is one I encourage, and that's why I've been particularly enjoying the arcs of Trunks and Goten, who we could see fuse in the next episode in a futile attempt to challenge Beerus.

Super Saiyan God form

Super Saiyan god form
Super Saiyan god form

This is something that's been touted for a while by Dragon Ball Super. I'm not sure how seeing Goku achieve the form of Super Saiyan God is supposed to surprise us given that we see an iteration of it in the opening credits! Still, we should expect that Goku will attain this form at some point, though in the very next episode? I'm not sure. Give the way Battle of Gods plays out, that may not have any effect anyway. Who knows which way Dragon Ball Super might take this storyline?

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