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Heather Snowden

Ever wondered what Ursula would look like strutting her tentacles on stage, sassily petting Jay-Z on the bum and teaching her eels a thing or two about how to bust a move, just like Queen B? Or how slick a Michael Jackson moonwalk Jafar could pull, should he not be so preoccupied with stealing thrones and bangin' Jasmine?

Yes? Then look no further! No? Then look further! Isaiah Stevens has answered the dreams you never even knew you'd had, along with some other pretty awesome cultural collisions...

The Evil Queen as Amy Winehouse

Jafar as Michael Jackson ft. Lago

Ursula as Beyoncé

Cruella De Vil as Lady Gaga

Aladdin and Abu as Ash and Pikachu

Quasimodo as Austin Powers

The Beast as the Hulk

Alice as Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Wendy Darling as Princess Leia

Tinkerbell as Beatrix Kiddo

Jane Porter as Lara Croft

Esmeralda as Michonne

Kida as Storm

Peter Pan as Link

John Smith as Johnny Bravo

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