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Are you into video games? Okay, check. What about horror video games? Oh, good, you are! What about an augmented-reality survival-horror game? Maybe? Alright.

Here's my next question: have you ever wanted to experience what it's like living in a haunted house without the commitment to demonic activity, ghostly apparitions standing over you at night, and poltergeists (and also, you know, buying a house...)? Yes?! Great, I thought it was just me!

Night Terrors, a new augmented-reality horror game, is more intelligent than most. While it is only in the development stages as of now, I don't think I've ever been more excited to play a new horror game. With the success of games like Outlast, in which you play as a character that can't fight your enemies, this game takes that concept and magnifies it times a million.

How, you ask? Here's their Indiegogo video, they'll tell you all about it:

Night Terrors creates a map of your house as you play. You use your cell phone. The game uses your GPS tracking, motion sensors, and camera to access all parts of your house, your movement, and objects that will give you the most realistic, terrifying experience possible.

That means horrifying monsters around every corner while using the one device you've come to know, love, and trust. You're completely immersed in the game (being that you're in your own home) trying to save this little girl who has been stolen and dragged into another dimension, and all of this could be happening in your kitchen!

If you're into jump scares, horrifying creatures following you through your house, and pure terror, I think this game's going to be for you. I know I couldn't be more excited.

Click here to check out their Indiegogo page!


Are you excited for Night Terrors?!


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