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1.- Batman it´s back!

After 10 years of retirement batman returns with much anger and the thought of "a final cleaning of his beloved city of Gotham, finally becoming a legend".

in "batman v superman"s trailer, we see a batman who is furious a batman who is not afraid of losing anything because almost everything has been lost.

Image from "superman v batman" Jason Todd II ROBIN
Image from "superman v batman" Jason Todd II ROBIN

this comic (The dark knight returns) and others like "Watchmen" from Alan Moore change the atmosphere of the superheroes because they become more "violents"(they broke hands, legs, arms) and moral complex than we were accustomed.

2. The suit is very faithful to the comic

Image from "Batman v Superman"
Image from "Batman v Superman"

The suit also is inspired by "The Dark Knight returns".

Image from "Batman/Superman Public Enemies"
Image from "Batman/Superman Public Enemies"

Not only is it important to the suit, but the story which will be told on the big screen will be based in large comics as "The Dark Knight Returns" "arkham assault" among others! and the suit by the way its AWESOME, do you remember any good batman suit in a movie? (I like Keaton and Bale) but I like more the gray dark suit!

3. It´s BATMAN!

Batman always gives the final blow because he is the shadows, he can beat Superman, Flash, bane, joker and any other opponent, as it has the intelligence and skills, resources!

"This is an operating table and I am the surgeon!" Batman the dark knight returns.

Do you remember any amazings quotes? please coment!! and let my know your opinion! (Dont be cruel, its my first article).


What is your favorite history (comic, movie) about Batman?


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