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Christopher Nolan's modern space odyssey was a financial and critical success, and it owes a lot to Hans Zimmer's mesmerizing soundtracks. Earning him an Oscar nomination, the tracks of Interstellar have garnered praise from music enthusiasts all over the world. in addition, several groups are doing tributes to the score, such as this new cover from 'The Indian Jam Project', a group of devoted musicians. In my opinion, they have successfully managed to migrate the Zimmer version to the magical composition of Indian classics with our own Sitar and Tabala. Go ahead, give it a try....

One of the main reasons that I've shared is the idea they have brought. Indian classical music has it's own identity when it comes to instruments and practice. With a strict rule set, they tend to produce a unique flavor to the music, whereas, Western music is on the other side of the spectrum in every manner.

Yehudi Menuhin and Pandit Ravi Shankar
Yehudi Menuhin and Pandit Ravi Shankar

Considering these factors, combining these two musical cultures into a one single composition is a tough task, even for a practiced musician. Here, such a distinction is reduced, if not erased, thanks to 'Indian Jam Project'. Besides, it's an awesome track to hear over and over, right?

This is not their first venture, as they have worked on many more western compositions. Feel free to check out their YouTube channel...

The Indian Jam Project


So how do you feel about Desi Interstellar?


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