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Ever since she first appeared in Iron Man 2, Black Widow has intrigued me. Before she appeared, the only superhero movies I had seen were The Dark Knight and the Spider-Man Trilogy. I had also watched Iron Man, but still I hadn't experienced a female superhero. When that flame-haired assassin walked into Tony Stark's office, I finally had one. A superhero that was a girl like me. So of course my little young self was excited!

After Avengers: Age of Ultron, we find out what makes Natasha the way she is. The Red Room created the assassin we see in her today, but it took four movies for us to figure out anything about her.

I can see why they did that. It added to her character development, but now that the Red in her ledger is out, can we please see more of her? I do not believe she is a strong enough solo character to pull off a movie quite yet. However, I think a TV show would flow nicely. With a TV show, we could get to see her develop mission by mission.

So why do we need it? Why would we want to watch Natasha Romanoff in a TV show?

It could give us more background.

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we were shown the Red Room. Scarlet Witch made Natasha see and relive her moments in this horrific room. It really knocked the wind out of her, and I don't blame her. I can't imagine the torture and unmentionable things that happened to a young woman in this room! It made me hurt for her as I watched the movie, and it helped me understand why she wanted no one to know about it. It affected her a lot in the movie, and in a TV show it could help us see how this would keep affecting her. After it happened once, it is possible that it could become triggered again. It was apparently very traumatizing, and not something she could hold back forever. This adds a major insight into her character. In a TV show, this could be taken even further, simply by adding flashbacks and expounding on what other sort of training she had to do.

This is something else that could be easier and why we need a TV show on Natasha. Having flashbacks into her life would help us see her development from cold-blooded killer to Avenger. We could also see how Clint Barton saved her life. More insight into her life could help her become a stronger character in Marvel's movies.

We could see more of her in action.

As seen in The Avengers, Natasha goes undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D. A TV show could show more of what she did for them, and also what she is doing now that SHIELD is down. I love watching her in action! If I got to see her do more of it, I definitely wouldn't complain!

This is where we could have a mission by mission timeline for the episodes. Each one could follow her actions after the movies. We could have her trying to find Bruce Banner, or finding other Hydra agents. It could lead up to her final decision about what she will choose in Captain America: Civil War.

It could help us understand her actions in the movies.

There was such a large gap between her involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. Having this TV show could help us see what she is up to and what she does when she isn't with the Avengers.

It could help solve confusion on the sudden interest in Bruce Banner. This is one of the things that disappointed me. In the new Avengers movie, her interest in Banner was sudden and a huge surprise. I would have loved a little more build up. I really love the idea of Banner and Natasha! If I ignored the spontaneous feeling, I really felt like they went together. However, like any good cinematic relationship, it needs to have background. This is something that her own TV show could help. It could slowly introduce future ideas.

Not only would a TV show about Natasha Romanoff be awesome, it could also be helpful. Her character could use a lot more explanation - and I for one would love to see that! She is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I would love to see more of her. I don't believe that a TV show would be necessarily out of the question. I think that this one could be a great addition to Marvel's universe, and could help keep things flowing nicely throughout the intricate storylines.


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