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If there's one thing I'm tired of, it's the constant film adaptations of young adult novels. Don't get me wrong, I love some adaptations of books, like Harry Potter. But the movies today are all based on the same plot. Female lead, dystopian world, female character begins an uprising. It's gotten really old really fast, in my opinion. The books that really need to be made into film are the works of Stephen King. The man is a master of his craft, and so many of his books work perfectly as movies. Just look at The Shining or Shawshank Redemption (bet you didn't know he made that one!). But out of all his stories, these 3 are the ones that I think could be remembered for a long time.

The Stand

I can't praise this book enough. It's over 1400 pages, but it's well worth the read. People always talk about how a book changed their life or changed their philosophy, but this is the only book that has done that for me. By the time I was finished, I couldn't help wondering if people really do constantly turn towards violence, and whether there really is a God up there. It's very rare that we see stories like this, and this would be perfect for the cinema. Besides the plot, the post-apocalyptic setting fits perfectly with the theme of this decade. But at the same time, it's a more original kind of apocalypse than what we've seen before. While the other two books would make great films, this is the only one I need to be satisfied.

Salem's Lot

One problem I've had with movies today is that there are no horror movies that actually scare audiences. There aren't any movies like The Shining, which succeeded at terrifying people on a psychological level. Most movies just go for the easy jump scare and gore, nothing special. But if any story can shift that current, it's Salem's Lot. When writer Ben Mears returns to his childhood town, he soon discovers it's been overrun by a terrifying, evil force. I will refrain from spoiling it, but this is one of the best examples of King's power as horror writer. It scares you not by revealing the enemy, but by leaving you wondering about the possibilities. It isn't until the reveal that the true fear hits the reader, and it plays out beautifully. There was a movie of it made in 1979, but this would be the perfect time to remake it. It's the horror movie that theaters have needed for a long time.

The Dark Tower

There are a lot of reasons why I want this movie to happen, and I'm not the only one. Fans have been waiting for an adaptation of the Dark Tower series for a long time, and they shouldn't have to wait any longer. It's one of Stephen King's only book series, and he stretches out the story nicely. It reveals the enemies at exactly the right time. And, like 'Salem's Lot, it always keeps the reader guessing. The main character is so complex and interesting that you never truly get bored of him. And the way Stephen King wraps the series at the end is so perfect, it's taking every part of me not to spoil it. It's a franchise that no studio should have to miss out on.

Each of these stories brings something different to Hollywood. But all of them bring something that Hollywood is missing. Maybe when the Hunger Games heat dies down, audiences will want something different. And when that happens, people might just be ready for these three films.


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