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Of all of Stephen King's novels, The Stand is the only one I need to see in theaters. It is the perfect battle between good vs. evil, a true example of what Norse mythology calls Ragnarok. And even though the first part of the story includes major themes from science fiction, I found it very easy to look at it with a religious sense. Many think of it as Stephen King's greatest novel, myself included. And now it looks like there could be a movie of it coming along. Here's who I think should be cast as King's iconic characters. Note: I couldn't do all of the characters, so I picked the six who I thought were the most important.

Stu Redman - Matthew McConaughey

Stu Redman is a Texan who becomes the unofficial leader of Mother Abagail's Free-Zone in Boulder, Colorado. My main reason for picking McConaughey is because of his performance in the first season of True Detective. Obviously, Stu isn't the exact same character as Rust Cohle, but they're both the kind of characters who have experienced dark times that made them question humanity. They're also both quiet about their pain, they're calm characters unless it's necessary to be otherwise. If anyone can do Stu Redman justice, it's Matthew McConaughey.

Frannie Goldsmith - Shailene Woodley

Yes, Frannie Goldsmith is the character who ends up as Stu Redman's love interest. Go ahead and cringe at the thought, I still think it would be a good casting. While I'm not Divergent's biggest fan, I think that Shailene's performance was the highlight of that movie. Many relate her to Jennifer Lawrence, mostly because they gained fame through similar films. But I think that Woodley has a talent measurable to Lawrence's and The Stand would be a perfect way to branch out from the Divergent series. She's clearly capable of playing characters who are both independent and strong enough to survive in a world like the Stand, which makes her perfect for the role.

Harold Lauder - Josh McDermitt

I feel bad having to cast this role. I pity anybody who has to play a character like Harold, a character who I have absolutely no respect nor sympathy for. But Josh McDermitt has experience in playing a character whose jealously over other people's relationships and their need to be wanted forces them to make choices that could affect the rest of their lives. Of course, talking about his role as Eugene in the Walking Dead. Believe it or not, Eugene and Harold are very similar characters. Then again, SPOILER ALERT, Eugene didn't end up blowing one of the community's leaders sky high. But still, Josh McDermitt still has the experience to do the job right.

Nadine Cross - Eva Green

Anyone who has read this book knows that there is no better choice for this role than Eva Green. Nadine Cross is a character who, when we first meet her, seems like a sweet, innocent teacher. But really she's had her heart set on the villain Randall Flagg, saving herself for him. Eva Green has unparalleled experience in playing characters just like Nadine Cross, with an innocent exterior hiding the truth inside.

Mother Abagail - Octavia Spencer

Next to Harold, this was the hardest character I had to cast. There are so many women who I feel could pull off the role of Mother Abagail. But in the end, I had to remember the core of the character. That no matter the situation, no matter how afraid she was, she always had faith and she always made others feel safe. For me, Octavia Spencer knows how to do exactly that. I mean, just looking at her, she seems so kind and caring. That's all it would take to be the perfect Mother Abagail.

Randall Flagg - Sean Penn

I shouldn't have to explain this one too much. I mean, come on, it's SEAN PENN playing RANDALL FLAGG! Probably the greatest villain of modern literature. I just think that Penn has the capability to show all the different aspects of this character, and he'd have the most fun playing this role. No one could deserve this role more than him.

So here's my dream cast for The Stand! I'm still hoping to see it in theaters soon. And it may be a long shot to get a cast this huge, but I can still dream.

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