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When you are a kid, you always have that one movie that would just drive your parents crazy. It's your favorite movie and you beg to watch it just one more time before going to bed. I had a movie like that. Well, that's not entirely true, so let me rephrase that.

I had several.

My love of movies definitely started at a young age, and over time that love became a part of my older life. Most of these were Disney films, and I want to share five of those movies with you. They aren't in any set order, just in the order that the memories came in.

1. Robin Hood

This movie follows the adventures of the notorious Robin Hood and his beloved pal Little John. I loved this movie growing up. My siblings and I would pretend to be our favorite characters and reenact our favorite scenes. I realize now that there was a reason this movie was one of my favorites. It was because I am by no means a 'girly girl', and this was a child-friendly version of an action movie. It has fighting scenes, a love story, and an evil tyrant. Its no surprise that this lead to me loving Kevin Costner's Robin Hood.

2. Mulan

Being the tomboy I am, I'm sure it's not surprising that my favorite Disney Princess is Mulan. In Mulan, we have a girl who wants to honor her family. She doesn't think she can do that by getting married. She is, like me, very clumsy. Finding out that her crippled father was recruited to fight the Huns, she runs away to join the army in his place.

I loved this movie for one other reason.

Mushu is the best sidekick ever. He is hilarious, and very quotable. He adds to the movie and is another reason this movie is among my childhood memories.

3. The Lion King

Why did I choose that picture? Because even to this day I will cry my eyes out. Doesn't matter that I've watched it 100+ times over my lifetime. I will cry and sob. The Lion King follows the life of a young lion whose uncle is out to get his kingdom. This is the first Disney movie I remember watching, so that is why it is on this list. I also love the songs. They were probably some of the first songs I memorized and sang as a child.

4. The Emperor's New Groove

Ah, this movie. Probably one of the best animated movies in existence, and it has a great lesson! A spoiled, bossy, and arrogant emperor learns the importance of friendship and what it means to be a good leader. I love the comedy in this movie, and how I can use quotes from it in every day life.

A great example is when someone asks me if something is coming.

I think that we really don't talk about this movie enough. It has got to be one of Disney's best movies, am I right?

5. Peter Pan

I'm sure any girl will agree with me that there is a very important reason for this to on a trek down memory lane. Maybe it is just me, but Peter Pan was my very first crush. I loved pretending to be Wendy while I played.

I mean, who could resist that adorable smile?
I mean, who could resist that adorable smile?

Peter is cute and funny, and this movie still remains one of my favorite things to watch when I have a Disney marathon. I love the storyline and the memories of playing Peter Pan with my siblings.

Disney does a great job with children's imaginations. I know that these movies helped with mine, and they also taught me things that I will take with me through my adult life. These are the movies I will be showing my kids some day, and I hope that I have helped you remember what it was like to be a kid watching your favorite movies.


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