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So an unverified Twitter account claiming to be the Russo Brothers has begun posting images of what is believed to be props from the upcoming Captain America: Civil War film. The one generating the most buzz? That would be the tweet seen at the end of this post, which appears to be an extremely close up view of a costume bearing the traditional colors of Spider-Man.

Most people are really excited about this... but then again I am not most people. My gripe is, again, this does not look like a costume that a teenager can sew on his own in his spare time while in high school. Whatever this is, does not look like regular material. It looks more like rubber, like a tire or a basketball; much like what they had in The Amazing Spider-Man films. In both previous series, the webbing seems to sit on top of the spandex, vinyl, or whatever material the costume is made of. Now this new picture shows no webbing at all, so we can't compare that aspect, but how is a high school student making an intricate webbed shell that sits atop his costume?

Now what about the shoes/boots. In both film series, the bottom of the boot appeared to be a rubber sole as found on most athletic footwear. Let's think this through, Spider-Man sticks to walls through use of microscopic hairs on his fingers and toes that can anchor into imperfections in most surfaces allowing him to "stick". If there is a solid rubber sole on his foot, how are those tiny little hairs supposed to stick to the wall?

I'm sorry, I'm definitely overthinking this; but it's something I've noticed that's stuck in my head for better or worse. I still have high hopes that the MCU has thought this through and will resolve these issues before they even see the light of day.


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