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There has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming movie Star Wars episode 7 - there has been teasers, trailers and pictures released and leaked (thank you God) by a lot of people. The last "trailer" released by J.J. Abrams and his crew was released in SDCC, it wasn't so much a trailer as we wished but it did help us see how Abrams created a lot of scenes, ships, hell even new creatures, but there was one little detail that here at Moviepilot we couldn't miss.

image 1
image 1

As you can see in image 1 in the left line of Stormtroopers, the fifth trooper from front to back is a little taller then the rest. You might know this scene because it seems to be the same scene from the teaser where somebody spotted that there was a stormtrooper a little shorter then the rest who seems to be John Boyega.

image 2
image 2

Ok now lets get to the point.

The stormtroopers are 6ft obviously they are all the same height, so when there is a 5'9ft or 6'1ft trooper people can notice. As you can see in image 2 the stormtrooper is at least 5'9ft, but in the image 1 the trooper is taller than 6ft but it seems to be the same scene.

There are only 3 people in the known cast that are taller then 6ft besides Peter Mayhew but you may know him as Chewbacca. Those 3 people are Harrison Ford returning as Han Solo, Gwendoline Christie who will be playing Captain Phasma and Adam Driver who is set to play Kylo Ren "the bad guy" of the movie.

Honestly I don't think Kylo would want to wear a trooper suit for the simple fact that he seems to be a Sith and he wouldn't want to downgrade like that, so that leaves Ford and Christie, they both have the same chances to be it, from one side it could be that Ford might be helping Boyega or vise versa and Christies character wears the trooper armor only that hers is chromed and with color. I say it's Ford, why? Because it would be a really cool way to remember that scene from the IV episode when him and Mark Hamill wore it to rescue Princess Leia. We wont know for sure until December 18th when episode VII comes out.

Thank You for reading this, its my first article and i hope to write more please make sure to comment for any suggestions, concerns or questions.


who do you think the 5th trooper is?


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