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July 27:

Batman Reboot I fancats (Staring Colton Haynes, it's fancasting, even i like Paul better) (Done)

Teen Wolf: News (Done)

July 28:

Super Max Fancast (With Charlie Hunnam) (Done)

Arsenal Tv Show fancast (Done)

10 Actors that can play James Bond OO7 (Done)

July 29 till August 09

Hooligans IV fancast (Done)

Batman Beyond Live action Tv Show, Fancast) (Done)

Jurrasic world, sequel fancast (Done)

Next week: 03-08 till 17-08

Wolf In London (Tv show) (Staring Colton Haynes, Daniel Sharman and Emma Watson) (Season 1) (Follows up to Season 5)

Every week a new Teen Wolf post

And a Paul Wesley Batman fancast.


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