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Ok, as many of you might have noticed the past few days, I'm making posts about Doctor Who. Maybe I'm doing this because I'm super excited for the 9th Series or I'm hallucinating from the Doctor Who marathons I'm watching. Anyways... I've been searching the web lately and I found an awesome theory about the 11th Doctor's bow-tie.

According to this theory the 11th Doctor's bow-tie is red if the episode takes place in the future, and blue if it is in the past. Wait... WHAT?!?

Exactly my reaction.
Exactly my reaction.

Are you shocked? Well, don't worry because I'm socked as much you! But let's see some evidence and not only speculations.

''The Beast Below''

Red Bow-Tie
Red Bow-Tie

In the second episode of Series 5, ''The Beast Below'', the Doctor wears a red bow-tie. And this episode takes place in the future so the theory is actually true about this one!

''Victory of The Daleks''

Blue Bow-Tie
Blue Bow-Tie

Guess what kind of bow-tie the 11th Doctor wears in this episode. Yep! A blue one! And this episode takes place in the past so the theory is, again, correct for this one!

''The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone''

Red Bow-Tie
Red Bow-Tie

Here's another example of this insane theory! In the episodes 4 and 5 of Series 5,''The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone'', the 11th Doctor wears a red bow-tie so the theory is valid.v (This episode takes place in the future)

BUT! As I was searching the web for more evidence I found someone who doesn't totally agree with this theory. On this site, someone had the same question as me. There was a response:

But he (The Doctor) also wears blue bow ties, most prominently in Series 6 and 7. I don't think that's got anything to do in which direction in time the Tardis is going - most of the time, the Doctor doesn't even know where they'll end up, how could he dress accordingly? Or he dresses accordingly to where they think they'll end up. And then they miss. However, the Doctor did very prominently wear a red bow tie in Venice in the 16th century and in London during WWII - that should debunk the theory, as both dates lie in the past. For us, that is.

In my opinion this theory is amazing. I don't know if it's true or not but I love it when Whovians find stuff like this. And as the Doctor said:

''I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there.''

Doctor Who Series 9 Premiere is on 19th September on BBC One!

Here you can watch the insanely awesome trailer for the new Season:


What do you think about this awesome theory?


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