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Naughty Dog created a whole host of tremendous characters for The Last of Us. When it comes to creating emotional beings in Video Games, most developers fall flat. But even though we all adore Joel and Ellie, there are so many well developed people that exist alongside them that could lead a game of their own.

Thanks to Nolan North's statement, we know that Naughty Dog are indeed working on a sequel to The Last of Us. But whether it will follow characters we already know, or move to a completely new setting is entirely unknown. But if new characters were off the table, which side characters from the first game could lead The Last of Us 2 in the form of either a sequel or a prequel? Let's take a look at the best candidates.

The Last of Us 2 in Europe
The Last of Us 2 in Europe

The Last of Us 2 - The Characters Aside From Joel & Ellie That Could Lead A Sequel!

As always, we'd love to hear your opinion on what you want from The Last of Us 2. If any of these characters have the potential to lead their own game, or someone I haven't mentioned does, please let us know in the comments! The Last of Us 2 will have tremendous amount of pressure on it to surpass the original, could these guys rival the tale of Joel and Ellie?


The leader of the fireflies was a fascinating character in The Last of Us. Her dedication to the cause was inspiring and the way in which Joel murdered her was depressingly dark. A prequel starring Marlene, with an investigation into how she became the leader of the Fireflies would be really interesting. It would give us the opportunity to see what it was like in the years straight after the outbreak. Would you guys like to become the leader of the fireflies on the release date of The Last of Us 2?

Marlene and The Last of Us 2
Marlene and The Last of Us 2


Joel's brother is an absolute hero in The Last of Us. In the opening moments of the game he saves his brother's life and the way that he helps him later in the game is beautiful. But would you guys want to take control of Tommy in the sequel? We could explore the years that he was part of the fireflies, his split-up with Joel and how he moved out to set up the base we're reunited with him in. Or it could continue on after we last saw him. Let us know if you think he'd be a good fit!

Henry & Sam

I loved the section that we got to hang out with Henry and Sam. Their relationship mirrored that of Joel and Ellie, only they could admit how much they meant to one another. The moment that we lost the two of them is a testament to their dedication to one another and love. Seeing what happened to them after the outbreak and how they came to traveling the road together would be really interesting. Do Henry and Sam deserve their own sequel?

The Last of Us Henry & Sam
The Last of Us Henry & Sam


Tess was a fantastic character in The Last of Us. Her relationship with Joel was a difficult one, and helped us understand how reserved and emotionally hesitant he'd become. She was a strong character and I'd love to see how she escaped after the outbreak and made her way to meeting Joel. Imagine playing all the way up to her death and having a similar shootout moment to Red Dead Redemption. Let us know if you think she'd be a good fit in the comments.

So The Last of Us fans, who would you pick for the release date of The Last of Us 2? Are any of these characters interesting enough to warrant a sequel or a prequel? Should The Last of Us 2 go forward in time or explore the past? Let us know what you want from Naughty Dog!


Which of these characters would you pick for The Last of Us 2?


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