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Superheroes have been on the big and small screen for some time now. The only thing better than an awesome superhero is an even more awesome villain. In many peoples opinions the villains have been the biggest shortcoming of the MCU. For every Loki or Wilson Fisk, we have The Mandarin or PTSD. The X-Men movies have taken a different approach. One main villain that exists across the entire franchise. I am talking about none other than Magneto himself. Of course there are sometimes secondary villains such Trask or the upcoming Apocalypse, but the true antagonist is always Magneto. No other villain in comic book cinema has received anywhere near the same level of character development. The best part about Magneto is that he is a villain with good intentions. He honestly believes that what he is doing is what is best for his people. This is because at the heart of the X-Men series is a story about equality and civil rights. It's not a battle between good and evil, it's a battle between ideologies. So to really hammer this point home, I have compiled the top 5 reasons Magneto is the greatest comic villain in cinema history.

1. He is admirable

Erik Lehnsherr is a holocaust survivor! He lost his family, his name, his childhood, and his entire sense of control. He went through the greatest atrocity in human history and came out a warrior. The ability to overcome such pain at such a young age is an amazing accomplishment.

2. He is loyal to the cause

No one could ever question Magneto's commitment to his cause. Magneto sacrificed his freedom on multiple occasions, he lost his best friend, and even wrote off Raven when she got hit with the cure.He knows that no one life is worth jeopardizing the survival of the species.

3. His power is awesome!

Magneto has performed some of the best feats in superhero cinema. The guy can literally carry an entire bridge full of people and cars through the air with his mind. Then starts throwing the cars once he gets to his destination. He has also done the same thing with an entire baseball stadium. He can stop bullets in mid air and kill you by pulling iron out of your blood!!

4. He dresses incredibly well

When Magneto is not wearing his awesome super villain attire, he is one well dressed dude. He is like a mix between James Bond and Neal Caffrey. From fedoras to scarves, the guy looks like he walked out of a GQ magazine.

Magneto in X-Men Days of Future Past.
Magneto in X-Men Days of Future Past.

5. He is played excellently

Magneto has been played by 2 actors depicting different times in his life. Both Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender have done a fantastic job. They look similar, share mannerisms, and have stayed true to the character. You really believe that you are watching the growth of a single character.

These are the main reason I am a huge Magneto fan. If you have any more reasons please leave them in the comments below. If you disagree, you may comment as well.


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