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I am a super movie lover, obviously and their is nothing I wouldn't do to defend a great movie or to explain a great movei
Serenity Fields

Alright, to get to the point! most people have probably seen The wizard of Oz or The Wiz, maybe even the small T.V. episode stories of Tin Man feat. Zooey Deschanel! and if you have you are use to all of the different ways you can change the beautiful world of OZ, you can make it glamours and funky, you can make it run down and strange, or you can totally throw it on it's back, strap it down and redo it. Now I am defintly not saying any wizard of the oz movie, film or t.v. show is better or worse because they are all amazing in their own way. What I am saying is DO NOT skip over Return to oz because it's strange packing and characters for it is probably one of the best 80's children's movies you've seen in a long time, it's ahead of it's time and worth the look. It's got everything you need. A small child you can't sleep and speaks of a ladn she has visited called oz and the friends there she needs to help, you've got the uncle and aunt who love her dearly but think she's crazy so they send her off to a mental hospital where from the help of a girl from the mirror she escapes to oz once again and discovers new friends and new villains, like the gnome king, Princess Mombi and the creepiest things ever!! the Wheelers. Now you don't have to watch the second clip but I would, to enjoy this movie you must be able to appreciate the art and the creative so different from any of the other trips to Oz. Even more different is that Dorothy is a little girl, when usually we see her as a teenage or even a 20 something year old woman, having this be a little girl does make the story more interesting and scary when something crazy happens! Anywhodo, if you decide you don't want to watch this movie just because it is old, or just because the story is a tad bit different, OR because you think it's creepy welp then you mustn't be a super movie lover, and get outta her with you not super movie lovin butt! Hey but thanks for reading.... tata and feed the Babadook


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