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Every now and again there is that one movie that EVERYONE loves and you hate or EVERYONE hates and you love. Pixels falls into the latter category for us.

Don't get me wrong. Pixels is by no means a great movie and honestly there is quite a lot wrong with it in terms of logic. But with that said, we really did enjoy this film. What is shocking to us is HOW MUCH hate this movie is getting. It is currently only sitting at a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. The one thing I am personally hearing and seeing all over the internet is, "It is just another Adam Sandler movie." To which I reply, have you seen Grown Ups? If you want to throw shade on a movie then Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 are the movies for you.

Let me take a quick step back and give you the basic setup for those of you who don't know.

This movie is about the government sending a time capsule of pop culture out into space. That time capsule gets intercepted by aliens and they interpret the information inside of it as a threat and so decide to attack earth with three dimensional versions of the video games that were inside of the time capsule.

Now that we have that out of way...


Was everyone hoping for Independence Day? And if so, why? This movie was adequately and accurately represented by its trailers. It isn't like they did a bait and switch. Then I would get why everyone was so angry. Monica and I went into this movie hoping to see products of nostalgia come to life on screen in 3d form. And guess what... That is exactly what we got.

At least this movie knew exactly what it was and didn't try to be anything else. It was a children's movie with some slap stick physical comedy about video game characters. You look at a movie like Jurassic World and while that movie made a lot of money, it was far less enjoyable for me because it tried to be a movie that should be taken seriously. I could never let my inhibitions go while watching it because of how "real" they were trying to make it.

Now just to make sure we are on the same page. Pixels is not a great film. But rarely are children's films "great". There are problems with character motivations and "reaches" is reality that would be unacceptable if this were intended to be taken seriously.

All and all we liked the film and really think all the hate the movie is getting is unwarranted. That said if you are late 20s to early 40s and have children, you should take them to see this because it will be a great fun movie for both of you.

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