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Pixar's new film Inside Out is their first release in two years and their first original release since Brave in 2012. Brave was a little bit out there for Pixar as they had never done a fairy tale before, and it didn't quite appeal to me like other Pixar films do. So for me, Inside Out is their first original film since Up in 2009. I loved growing up through the Pixar era as they brought such new and imaginative stories to the world of animation. In a time where remakes and sequels seem to be the biggest draw, Pixar were always against the wave in creating new stories while still being hugely successful. It's disappointing to see them develop multiple sequels now. A Good Dinosaur is another original Pixar film that will be released later this year (more about that later) but their schedule after that has sequels to Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles and Cars. I feel like the company is selling its soul in order to make money.

But anyway, Inside Out itself is a great film. It involves all the qualities that every Pixar film has. The emotional highs and lows fluctuate perfectly and there are plenty of funny moments that you keep you laughing the whole time. There's no villain, and there's no need for one. The point of the film is to send a message; emotions work in different ways but all of them create a perfect balance. The story line might seem quite complex for youngsters, but Pixar know that that is only half of their audience. It's enjoyable for people of all ages, while never simplifying itself for the sake of being a children's movie. For those who can keep up, it teaches a really important lesson in how the brain works and even offers an explanation for bad and good moods. It has multiple classic Pixar easter eggs that are always fun to look out for, although they were much more subtle than previous films.

Colour plays a big role throughout the film, as each colour represents an emotion. The inside of Riley's head is colourful while the real world is quite grey. The difference between the scenes inside Riley's head and the real world are great because it allows the two worlds two be interoperable without much confusion about which is which. The entire film might seem too complex for a childrens' story, and this particular task might have been an obstacle, but Pixar always know how to knock the ball right out of the park.

My issue with Inside Out is the timing of release. Of course summer makes sense but they haven't released a film since June 2013. They used to release a film every summer, and 2014 marked the first time in eight years that they hadn't released a film in a calender, but they're releasing A Good Dinosaur in four months. That makes no sense. Why not release Inside Out in 2014? If it was a timing issue, why not push the whole schedule back and release A Good Dinosaur next summer? Two Pixar films in the space of four months might just be too much of a good thing, and while I'm happy to see another original film coming out, I think the timing is wrong.

However, this is a review of the film and not of the company, and the film ticks a lot of boxes. It's classic Pixar, it has plenty of replay value. These characters will be iconic in a few years just like Woody, Buzz, Mike and Sully. They create incredible characters who stay in the hearts of audiences young and old, and Joy and Sadness are no exception. This is a must see for all Pixar fans and general animation fans. Pixar have been spearheading the animation world since their inception and they are showing no signs of stopping.


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