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Mike Lake the MP comments and I think what we ALL need to remember is current media is on a POC upswing. TV shows are less going the way of shows like Seinfeld and Friends (ya know those 90's comedy hits that take place in NYC, one of the most diverse cities in the world, and has ONE or TWO minority characters) and more the way of New Girl, and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D witha more diverse cast. What makes it seem like Hollywood is pandering to whites and presenting a lack of "color" in the creative space? Minority disinterest in the arts and minority stereotypes.

The reality is that near 50% of all minorities (Black, Hispanic, etc.) live in poverty. Many of the environments minorities grow up in, even when the parents instill an importance of education, do not place value into a career path in the performing arts. as far as stereotypical casting, many of the minority actors in Hollywood started in sports and music and only are assimilated into acting to fill roles that many consider stereotypical and race specific. The angry black woman, the fit wise cracking action star, or the football superstar overcoming adversity. Think about it; How many movies starring minority actors are about the history of these groups instead of the future. Selma, Twelve Years a Slave, 42, shit even Djengo were the biggest "black" movies of the last couple years, and ALL of them were about slavery or civil rights. I couldn'y tell you how many times I as an actor have seen character descriptions for Black orHispanic roles that include the adjectives "big personality" or "spicy".

As far as minorities throughout history in predominantly white cultures, Middle Easterns, Asians, and Moorish races were very much a part of most of the history of Mediterranean and European countries, and no they weren't slaves. Many of them were merchants and business owners, some even marrying into European noble and royal families. Then there is ancient Egypt, which is consistently white washed by Hollywood with EVERY SINGLE INTERPRETATION on the Moses story. Shit the only movie to get it right was The Prince of Egypt (which is an animation masterpiece) with middle eastern looking Egyptians. I mean Exodus starring Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, and Ben Kingsley?! Give me a break!


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