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This week on Box Office Actual is actually embarrassing.

With this weekend by 3 new movies came out; Southpaw, Paper Towns and Pixels.

However Number 1 is not what you would expect.

Here is the list for this weekend's box office actual.

#10 Terminator Genisys $2,400,000

#9 Mr. Holmes $2,849,000

#8 Jurassic World $6,900,000

#7 Inside Out $7,356,000

This is a surprising on its Box Office Opening Weekend

#6 Paper Towns $12,500,000

Now The Top 5

#5 Southpaw $16,500,000

#4 Trainwreck $17,500,000

#3 Minions $22,100,000

Now this is as surprising and equally embarrassing.

#2 Pixels $24,000,000

And the #1 King at Box Office this weekend is

#1 Ant-Man $24,765,000

Making a Grand Total this weekend of $136,870,000

Make sure to check my brother and colleague Jacob Wojciechowski for more information on this weekend Box Office and more exciting stuff in the world of Movies.

Until then go try to see some of the new movies coming out this weekend

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.


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