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Well so at last the road has ended for the Arkham Series (best games ever played) and many have already started their conversation on- "what game should Rocksteady make or will they stop here?" Well no judging on some few small details it seems (might) Rocksteady will come toe to toe in making another DC game. This time, obviously no Batman (rest in peace Bruce Wayne), there are other important and outstanding names to be mentioned.


Why not? I mean after Batman, who comes next? huh....Superman! And Rocksteady, if they make; just thing about the game play, the metropolis city, superman "flying" throughout the city and fighting crimes. Hell, Superman got bad-ass abilities, which wipe out cities in a click. However, I'm saying this also because of another reason, "superman" was mentioned as "the freak in metropolis" by some thugs in Batman Arkham night and also Lex Corp was seen in the background of a game play in Arkham knight. So admit want a superman game.

Green Arrow

Here is a choice that Arrow fans might love- "what about a Rocksteady arrow game". The game can start with how arrow became the person he is and fighting one of the infamous villains Deathstroke. However some might find it a little boring as green arrow has only the power of shooting arrows, computer and gadget skills and combat skills...and that's it. Many will say "We need some more", so Rocksteady might have to make it a different from other superhero games where the players can experience the full pack.

The Flash

All DC or superhero fans have known and loved this particular guy from their childhood, hands down....he is that good!!! Unlike Batman or any other superhero games (if) when this happens, believe me, it will absolutely be one of the best superhero games and stand beside the batman games. What could we not possibly do with flash. Flash's incredible speed, his fighting skills and using his speed while in combat...oh you can just imagine that view!

The Arkham Knight / Jason Todd

I know I know, they have already confirmed that there will be no more batman games but why not make a individual or only a Arkham knight or Jason Todd game....and bringing some big character from the DC Universe! Well this part is y opinion only so don't get mad guys.


Which character game do want to see happen next?


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