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We're seeing a lot of reboots this year. This includes X-Files, The Muppets, and many more. But I doubt that any of these remakes are made from stories as old as this one. Here, I'll give you three hints: 1) it's an old legend originating from England, 2) there are knights centered around a table, 3) this picture...

Yep, it's King Arthur. Starring Charlie Hunnam and directed by Guy Ritchie. You may not recognize the director, but he's the brains behind the Robert Downey, Jr.-starring Sherlock Holmes, which reinvented the titular character into a slo-mo slugger. So if anyone knows how to change King Arthur for this generation it's him. You also might remember Charlie Hunnam as Jax in Sons of Anarchy. Recently, Entertainment Weekly got to catch a sneak peek of the movie on set, and now we know a lot more about this Sword in the Stone reboot. Here's everything you need to know about King Arthur before it hits theaters next summer!

1. He's Not The King Arthur You Remember

When you think of King Arthur, you wouldn't think of Terminator or John McClane. That is to say, you don't really think of him as an action hero. He's more like Superman or Ned Stark. He's noble, never conflicted with his own morals, always does the right thing. But don't keep that in mind with this movie. Like I said before, Guy Ritchie knows how to change these classic characters for the new audience, while still preserving what makes them who they are. So, to make him a little more questionable, the team behind the movie messed around with his origins, making him an orphan raised by three prostitutes in "Londinium." He grows up on the streets, forced to do what he must to survive. This way, he doesn't know about his royalty, and his character gets to grow and be more conflicted. He has to become a man before he can be a king.

2. Don't Count on Guinevere Being the Same, Either!

And Arthur isn't the only character that's being changed. Remember Guinevere? You know, Arthur's true love who ends up falling for his best friend Lancelot?! Well, Astrid Berges-Frisbey has been cast to play her, and don't expect her to be the damsel-in-distress cliche this time. Not too much has been said about her character, but I know that in this version she lives in the forest away from society, and carries a knife, along with her abilities as a mage.

This may not be a lot, but it's all I need to get excited. I'm so tired of female characters always stuck as the damsel who requires the assistance of a man and can't fend for herself. Then again, there have been iterations of the character that are more independent, such as Kiera Knightley's Guinevere in 2004's King Arthur. But we could still use more characters like that. Thanks to movies like Mad Max: Fury Road, that's changing. And it's good of the director to want to change Guinevere's character in spite of this. After all, it's a brave new world, and it could use more female knife-wielding characters.

3. No Merlin, No Lancelot

Don't be searching for wizards and the Knights of the Round Table in this movie, guys. Ritchie and his team made it clear with Entertainment Weekly that Merlin wouldn't be in this movie. Honestly, I think this is a good call. Not many people in this generation have actually read or heard the true tale of King Arthur. This provides the perfect situation to make this movie an origin story. It's better that we see Arthur struggle to gain his birthright through his own strength, not with the help of magic. For this same reason, most of the Knights of the Round Table won't be seen either. This works fine as well, because Arthur's character can then learn to function and rule on his own before he gains the help of friends to rule Camelot. However, Djimon Hounsou has been cast as the future knight Bedivere. What's interesting about this character is that, according to legend, he returned the fabled sword Excalibur to the lake when Arthur died. Could this be hinting at the character's eventual demise?

Here's everything that I know about the upcoming movie. I know it might seem like they're leaving out a lot of the legend, but just remember that this is only the beginning. If this movie does well in the box office, it could start a planned six-film franchise. So the question remains: Do they have the right king? Only time will tell.


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