BySara N Erhardt, writer at

I think that some other actors need to be considered also character age should play in affect after all Edward (the Riddler) has been said to be the same age if not slightly younger than Bruce (Batman) so biased on how old Bruce is should change how old Edward is. Like if the use Bale again then the might want someone in that age range or can look that age. I know because I have been a long time Batman fan and an even bigger Riddler Fanatic so I have read more comics about E. Nygma than any other Villain out there I even know his back story. Yes there has been many different incarnations of him but if you want to keep to the original Riddler than you would want someone that can pull off Same age area as Batman; who can also be Smart, Egotistical, And slightly insane. I can think Of quite a few myself Matt Smith, Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Crispin Glover are some of the ones i can think of.


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