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Lohith Nyalapogula

So I was watching the Batman vs Superman Comic-Con panel and I noticed that Zack Snyder said something that may be a major spoiler for the final showdown in the movie. So obvious potential spoilers lie ahead. When asked about Batman's mech suit, Snyder said its purpose was more for "self preservation" and to be:

"Buying him time, if you will."

So much for "not giving anything away." Even though the plot of the movie is completely different from the Dark Knight Returns comic book, that doesn't mean the fight scene couldn't be similar to the one in the comic book. This is all wild speculation, but let's assume that Snyder's tongue slipped and he did give away a major spoiler, what is Batman's mech suit buying him time for? I have three suggestions. Let's begin.

1. Delivery

Kryptonite-laced spear?
Kryptonite-laced spear?

Batman, like in TDKR, could be waiting for a delivery. The delivery being something that can harm Superman. So kryptonite. He could get it from Lex Luthor (probably not) or he could have some himself. Read my article on 'How Batman will go toe-to-toe with Superman' for a detailed explanation, but here's the summary: Batman has a kryptonite-laced spear, which for some reason he couldn't get to and he maneuvers Superman to where it is (the place where Zod was killed?) and then beats him with it and, hopefully, gives an awesome speech while he's doing it.

2. Time

What do I mean "he's buying time"? I mean that he could be waiting for temporary effects to wear off. Look at this picture below:

Why would Superman be kneeling to Lex Luthor unless Lex was manipulating him somehow? In the next shot we see Superman's face and he looks angry, evil and determined. Here's what I'm thinking, Lex has everyone believing that he is good and has everyone's trust. Everyone's but Batman's. Lex somehow controls Superman (red kryptonite?) in order to try and kill Batman.

We can see that this is the same place and time Superman was kneeling before and in the background you can see a constant light, which could be the Bat-Signal. So Lex could orchestrate the whole fight. Hey, he wouldn't be the main antagonist if he didn't have anything to do with two of the world's finest heroes fighting. Anyway, back to my original statement, Batman could recognize that Superman is under some control and could wear him down and terminate the effects with kryptonite or just keep Superman's focus on him until the effects automatically wear off.

3. Backup

Batman could be waiting for backup. What kind of backup? The wonderful kind (bad pun?).

Wonder Woman could have been pushed back because she was either fighting the main physical threat of the movie or because she was fighting Superman. At least long enough to knock some sense into him. It seems that Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince have some sort of relationship between them, so this could be Batman asking for a favor.


This is all wild speculation and I am most probably making something out of nothing. But just think about it is all I'm asking. Just think about it...

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) will be released on 25th March 2016.


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