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Doctor Strange - November 4, 2016

Doctor Strange is going to bring us not only a new hero but a very different, mystical, magical side like we haven't seen before. This will not be your typical Marvel movie, expect this to be way more Strange than others. So let's see who will be making their MCU debut and who could possibly be making their debut and how they can be introduced.

The obvious one is Doctor Strange himself - after all the movie is named after him. This will be an origin story so this will be all about Strange.

The Ancient One is the person responsible for teaching Dr. Strange the magical ways. Since this is an origin story and The Ancient One is already confirmed and cast (Tilda Swinton) we can plan to see her training Strange.

Tilda Swinton is a gender-twisted Ancient One
Tilda Swinton is a gender-twisted Ancient One

Clea is the love interest of Dr. Strange and also niece of Dormammu. A possible way to introduce her would probably be late into the movie, where she meets Dr. Strange and tries to persuade him not to fight Dormammu.

Baron Mordo already confirmed as the antagonist to Dr. Strange in this film. I'm predicting that he and Strange will be under the mentorship of The Ancient One and Strange will eventually become the favorite forcing Mordo to become the villain and side with Dormammu to prove his worth to The Ancient One.

Dormammu, already mentioned several times in this article must play a key role in this film. He is the ruler of the Dark a Dimension and wants to conquer Earth. Dormammu is what Thanos is to The Avengers to Dr. Strange. I would expect him to be the one behind Baron Mordo pulling the strings. He would become the pain in the ass to Dr. Strange. I don't expect him to have to much of a role but enough to where he can make his presence felt.

There will obviously be a supporting cast but nobody I feel that's will really play a huge part in this film, maybe in the future but not for this one. Let me know who else could be introduced in the comments below.


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