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What an eventful double feature this would be!?! On first look, these unlikely pair are very different beasts. When actually, if you look a little deeper, there is more to them under the surface and you will find that these films are true gems. Let's just hope an old lady doesn't thrown them into the ocean in the end.

Firstly; let's address the elephant in the room by paraphrasing the unequivocally wonderful 'The Lonely Island'...


This double feature does have a nautical theme and I am on board with that. Not only do these epic films have both being set in international waters in common. They both are based on true events. Radio Caroline was a pirate radio station in the 60s & 70s that broadcast from a ship (The MV Caroline) in the North Sea.


Hello Iceberg.
Hello Iceberg.

However, in The Boat That Rocked (released as Pirate Radio in the US). Kenneth Branagh is the proverbial iceberg with his old fashioned steely determination to sink that ship and the notions it stood for.*


The Count <3
The Count <3


Love to hate it or hate to love it. We all know the words to Titanic's theme song My Heart Will Go On. That Celine Dion chart topper was one of the best selling singles of all time! It sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and this was in the late 90s. Children will forever be taught the opening bars on the recorder at school & X Factor contestants will still try to hit those high notes albeit unsuccessfully.

In a previous article, I wrote about the 10 Top Film Soundtracks To Make You Feel Awesome. The Boat That Rocked was so close to being on that list. Just watch Chris O'Dowd's emotive performance of Stay With Me Baby that hits you right in the musical feels. Never has a scene both made me laugh which such joy and made me sad at the time. Bittersweet but beautifully done.

With music from The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and many more. This soundtrack is a historical who's who of the musical greats from that time period. Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to hear Martha Reeves perform Dancing In The Streets and it was the one of the best musical moments of my life.

Both films cover what it is like to find true love and then leave it sinking into the abyss. Unfortunately for Rose, Jack didn't make it. Damn You, James Cameron!

"There was room enough for two"
"There was room enough for two"

Richard Curtis on the other hand, saves all of his merry crew of DJs but the ship doesn't make it. Leaving poor Harold's beloved vinyl collection lost forever in the water with plus points for the effective use of Cat Stevens' Father and Son. Nevertheless, the phrase 'mind the hole' is less dramatic than 'I'll never let go, Jack.'


I know I have mentioned once or twice that The Boat That Rocked has some incredible tunes. And with good music...comes good dancing. This film is full of those Swinging Sixties shapes which are very contagious; you will be boogieing on down before you know it.

*Let's Dance by David Bowie*
*Let's Dance by David Bowie*

But no one throws a dance party like the Irish!

Spin me like your French girls!
Spin me like your French girls!

So there you have it. My unlikely double feature. Titanic & The Boat That Rocked.


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