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Colton Haynes as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Why? The Movies will begin again (off course not anymore, because of Ben Affleck), With Colton Haynes who looks like a 22 year old, but in 5 yearsn, he can totally look like a 25 year old. And with Make up, make him younger in his teenage years. He has to work a little more out. But he would fit really good in.

Justin Bieber as Jason Todd/Robin

Why? He is 21, if you put him in movies, he will probaly play a 16 year old, in 5 years he will be 26, Jason Todd will probaly be 20, he can pull it off. Easily, the boy is talented and looks good. He can act and has 5 years to experience more.

Those are my good guys. I don't do Alfred because in 5 years the actor might be dead or stopped acting.

For the Bad Guys i don't do pics.

Dylan O'Brien as The Joker

Paul Wesley as Harvey Dent/Two face

I think that does it for now. If this gets good comments and more than 400 Views, i probaly do a good article, Fan Cast I in 6 days, with more people (including Alfred then) and photos of every fan cast. So if that goes, in 7 days the Batman II movie fancast will be large too, so if this gets less than 400 views and some bad comments, i probaly do the second movie small too. And i probaly cancel the third fan cast.

Don't forget:,manual,manual,manual

27 july - Thanks for reading, i didn't spelled everything right, because i wasn't really on for now. If this get's 400 views i will do a new one.


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